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Artist Close-Up: Dance Away The Loneliness With TeamMate

Imagine electro-rhythms hanging from garlands that swing and wrap around you as if to both capture and hold you. This is how TeamMate’s self-titled, newest album. There record plays like a nightclub that never shuts down, and with songs that are all about feeling re-discovered; the house-pop scene might have found a new king and queen.

For TeamMate, music is not about sound as much as story. Beneath their rocket-ships of drums and keys bursting towards the sky are tracks that show the battle to say “Yes” to love amongst those that believe it no longer exists. The notion is not as distantly imaginative as you think. Now more than ever, the world feels less like a place of love, and humankind is certainly not acting like a universal ambassador for the virtue. Hence, Dani and Scott appear like the only two people amongst a world of excessive glitz and brightness seeking genuine light. While their music is made for dance, their stories are made to sit and wonder, “When did everyone become so unloving? Can I be the last “feeling” person?”.

“Damage” , “Goldmine”, and “Souvenir” have both musicians switching up vocals and harmonies that are as well-baked as pop-music pastry. It is clear these two know how to produce and compose a song, but to do it with purpose marks them above the rest. Sure, they are the songs your press to go out, but, if you take the time, they can also be the ones you hear when you are looking to dance away the “lonelies”, as well. For More Information On TeamMate Click Here.