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Artist Close-Up: Taylor Buono Makes Life Feel “Fine”

We all need that track that makes being mindful feel mindless. At times, the act of being conscious whether of ourselves or our surroundings can be draining, which is why I like to distinguish between being conscious and being aware. For me, being aware is when you can look around and have an inner center of peace, while being conscious is when you look around and have an inner center of insecurity. Either way, you always have to “look around” at yourself and others to see how “fine” you are truly in reality and relationships. Thus, Taylor Buono’s newest track, “Fine” delves right into this dynamic with a smooth, rhythmic pop- hop. As synths and keys jump like children playing in the back-drop, it is hard not to feel good and, maybe, play, as well. Moreover, Buono’s vocals have a heady tone as if they came from the clouds of  her imagination rather than her heart, which is equally as powerful. Dreams and feelings may not come from the same space but they share a strong bridge, which is why I enjoy how Buono evokes her words like the sweet visions she is affirming to her lover, which ultimately say, “I’m Fine”. 

Tayler Buono – Fine (Live)