Artist Close-Ups/ Festival Preview #2: Elements Festival Brings The Top in EDM Talent

I am extremely excited about the Elements Festival hitting Brooklyn on August 13. You may ask why what makes Elements so different and special of an EDM BONANZA!? Well, read my first preview to find out a few excellent reasons, but, more importantly, read the lineup. Elements is a mystical ride into EDM’s vast world of prime and rising talent. Elements is about building a whole new dimension by tapping into every human’s sensory upload. Thus, here are a few of my fave acts that will definitely excite your electronic palette. 
Sweater Beats

This Hip Hop EDMer has been featured heavily on Broad City and for good reason. Like the show, he represents the grind of Millennial youth trying to survive the concrete jungle. Mr. Beats drops mixes that revive old classics through 2016 rhythms that are bound to nightclub life. You can both sing and dance to Sweater Beats modern mixes or chill and blaze to his old-school vibes. You decide!
Hey Ya Remix
The Golden Pony
I am absolutely convinced that if disco was revived and “millennialized” the genre would basically sound like a Golden Pony mix. These guys make mixes that demand to be danced upon a multi-colored, neon-lit floor. Moreover, they are a perfect selection for Elements’s summer line-up as Timothy Mankiewicz and Thomas Murphy, exude a nerdy, fun sense of youth. The Golden Pony are like a musical version of Superbad, appealing sonically and visually to all the outcasts trying to have a crazy night. 
Die Inside Your Dance
Le Youth

Le Youth’s music revives an 80’s sense of beauty, debauchery, and dance. If you look at both his mixes and music videos, you will see there is a big, flashy, and colorful vibe to the DJ’s aspirations. Seeing him live, will bring out your inner 80’s Janice Dickinson, a supermodel notorious for her partying ways and vapid beauty, which is exactly what his music aims to do. He wants you to feel vain and glorious, i.e. vainglory. 

Gramatik makes me feel like I am jiving to the coolest sonic wave ever. His music is the definitive of casual greatness, and instantly spikes you with an ease that feels like a breeze. He simply makes you relax into Hip Hop/Funk rhythms, which is why he is one of Elements’ main acts. With all the aerial stunts, costumed choreographers, circus acts, and all out visual stunners, Gramatik is going to up your embrace of the surrounding world the festival has built. 
Gramatik (Epigram Mix)

Another one of Element’s main acts, Klingande sounds like he was birthed by Ibiza. Yes, I said. If the Spanish party-island had birthed a human being made entirely of its music scene, it would be Klingande. As a person whom visited Ibiza, I can tell you he certainly captures its nightclub atmosphere with just one track. 
Claptone feels like he was born in a “Gossip Girl” episode. He was made to entertain the darkness of a social elite with beats that make you think you have entered a wealthy, debauched masquerade of rich youth. With his signature mask, he adds a level of mystery to his insane, feel-good rhythms. He is certainly an act that fits Elements other-worldly, complete fun.
Clayton MixMag Mix

Here is The Full Line-Up

To Buy Tickets For The  Elements Music And Arts Festival Click Here. It will be held at 699 Columbia Street in Brooklyn from 1pm to 10pm.