Elements Music & Arts Festival Review #2: Artist Reviews!

Elements Music & Arts Festival carried some really big names in the EDM world, and I had the pleasure of taking in their electronic frequencies like breaths of life. Hence, I wanted to take the time to shout-out some of the highlight acts of the day. The few artists that I really loved, and hope you will, too!

Claptone was one of the first acts, and fun, vibrant beginning. His upbeat tempos furthered the instant feeling of the Elements Atmosphere: Judgment Free Zone!  There people were ready to be happy, and happy they were. 

Gramatik closed the night out with his Electronic/Hip- Hop/ Funk goodness. Yet, it was the Earth stage that blew everyone away. As the stage lit-up and changed into varying colors, the crowd was mesmerized. It was as if every single person was seeing music rather than just “hearing” it like regular mortals lol. In the final acts, Elements went all out to solidify that it is a festival that can make any goer feel like their life should be a movie. 

I would like you all to meet my new best friend Mija. Besides having the sexiest electronica sounds in the business, she also is a firecracker energy on stage. She might as well be possessed by her own music, and you love it. Everyone say, “Hi, Mija!”.

You see that young DJ all the way in the back pumping the crowd in the tire arena that was Fire stage. That was 2Melo, and he is also my new best friend. This young DJ has some of the best Hip- Hop and Latin Mixes. Again, the setting of mud, water, and blazoned heat gave the arena a dystopian- Gladiator feel that made his music our thirst-quencher. 
Klingande was one of the top acts, and playing on the Medieval-looking Earth stage was perfect, as he appeared like a king playing to his court. By the time he came around, which was 7, the crowd was prepared and willing to be exhilarated by what we all knew were the final players. 

Sweater Beats

I’m happy to report that sweater beats has as much swag on stage as his music does. He bounced around his mix table like he was ready to fly like a rocket, and it only encouraged the already hyped crowd to reach levels of energy and joy never before experienced on earth. 
Overall, Elements was a phenomenal time, and I have only named a few of the magnificent music providers that crossed its multiple stages. These performers were so good that no amount of heat or lightning, which closed off the night, could prevent people from having a blast. An excellent selection of DJ’s by Bang On NYC! Click here for more information on Bang On NYC!