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Concert Review: Alluxe Turns Rockwood Music Hall Stage Into An Arena

You ever walk into somebody’s office, and see tons of books and diplomas spaced across the walls. As you try to talk to the person, you cannot help but look around at their accolades and things. In some ways, that is Alluxe’s performance. As she whips out her laptop and keys, plugs in wires and instruments, you feel like you have entered the Big Boss’s office rather than Rockwood Music Hall. The result is a concert that leaves you as highly impressed as you are entertained.

I have mentioned this in previous reviews; there is a difference between being entertained and being impressed, and some artists give you both. Alluxe has the personality and energy of a childhood firecracker. Her music, literally, reminds of the sparkled crackles we would throw on the floor to see their burst of light emanate. In this sense, she rises the light of a room with a childlike glee and bounce to her own machinated sounds. Beyond rising a sense of youthful magic, she also rises the heat. When you see someone move and shake non-stop, you cannot help but get as motioned and merry as they are. Its like going to the gym, and seeing someone do a fierce workout, and you sweat vicariously through them. When Alluxe presses her keys and mixes her rhythms, you get the feeling that she is not with “us” anymore, especially when the violin gets whipped out. As per usual, for me, the violin is a stringed luxury, of which Alluxe, definitely, displays the beauty and ferocity of this instrument. She not only solidifies that she is talented as a producer and musical personality, but you get the feeling that Alluxe could command the biggest stage, if she wanted to, and she has.

Alluxe was a different flavor than the usual for Rockwood Music Hall. I have been to Rockwood a bunch of times, and I cannot say that I have seen a dark- electronica DJ or one as electrifying as Alluxe. Yet, as a woman that designed the sets for artists like, Kanye West and The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, you understand why Rockwood, though a fabulous venue, felt slightly confining for how monumental she is as a musician. She should have an arena where lasers, smoke, and every other Ibiza club-design can beam off the stage and visually match the spontaneity of her synths and instrumentals. I say this because Alluxe plays for a person’s sonic fantasies, both dreamy and dangerous, which is why a grand, club stage with even grander tricks feels right for her. Yet, I say this complimentary, because if I, or anyone, goes to your concert and deems you to0 mesmerizing for the place and time; you HAVE impressed beyond belief. When people wish you better, its because you have done great, and Alluxe is doing fabulous. For More Information On Alluxe Click Here.