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Concert Review: Brent Faiyaz Flirts With Love At Rough Trade NYC

Brent Faiyaz’s show at Rough Trade had to have been one of my all-time faves. The man can make a Sunday feel like a Friday, and Friday feel like forever. Each note he gave caught the feelings of the crowd, and gave me enough life to feel as if I had reincarnated.

Faiyaz does not talk much throughout his show, preferring to flow through tracks with little interruption. The choice is perfect in showing how melodically peaceful his music can be. You feel as if his vocals are literally fused with purple haze; regally blurring your mind and melding it to the present. While he took a moment to telly everyone to live their life creatively and fully, his music was a promotion to live it lovingly.

“Missing Out”, “Talk 2 U”,”First World Problemz / Nobody Carez” , and “Insecure” laced over like sonic flirtations. It was hard not to feel swooned by Brent’s capacity to capture the daily grind of finding, wanting, and celebrating love. Sometimes, it is hard to remember love is good and powerful when you bored at work, chilling with the same, wrong friends, and deciding whether chasing dreams leaves time to chase lovers. The crowd danced these rhythm-based love truths, and, almost, started a church-like revival every time Faiyaz did a vocal riff with his higher register , which was A LOT! Yet, Faiyaz remained cool dancing for the crowd and stealthily ignoring one of the MOST OBNOXIOUS HECKLERS OF ALL TIME!

“Get It, BRENT! Sing It, BRENT! Damn, BRENT! Do It, Brent!”, followed every song by one yelling woman who determined to let the world know she knew Faiyaz’s first name: Brent. While, at first, earning a giggles from the crowd, after seeing that how dedicated she was to continue her heckling, it soon garnered prayers for her to get laryngitis. Yet, I had say, it showed how calm and focused Brent Faiyaz is as a performer. He did not break a sweat; as he spear-headed his songs for their ultimate goal: for you to forget the heckles and hiccups of life and remember to chill and fun.

From elaborate, Spanish-flared guitar riffs to smooth R&B, throwback vibes, Brent Faiyaz felt like a star of the 90’s. With classic R&B vibes returning in the form of artists such as, Kehlani, he is readying to ride the new wave of retro-sound. In many ways, do not laugh, he reminded me of a male Aaliyah. Giving soft-spoken vocality and light-dimming lyrics that made you feel like you had fallen in love through song, even if you had never done so through situation. For More Information On Brent Faiyaz Click Here.

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