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Concert Review: Tayler Buono Shows Young Love Isn’t Easy At Rough Trade NYC

Young love! Am I Right? I remember my first love from beginning to end, which is the point. When you are young you fall fast and hard, of which a love story could feel as high-octane as an action film. Tayler Buono surely understands this sentiment as she opened up about how her music reflects her moves and motivations in relationships.
Tayler Buono – Fine (Official Video)

When Buono said her last boyfriend broke up with her because he said she was “too much” or rather too “sensitive”, the crowd, full of ladies, nearly got pitch-forks and asked for an address. We were ready to burn his village down in solidarity to every time a guy told us it was OUR fault for their decision to walk away. Yet, the only thing that was our fault was our choice in picking him to love. It is in this notion that Tayler thrives as a lyricist. Tracks like, “Fine” and “Technically Single” shined for their blend of electro-pop with splashes of folksy verses. Buono represents the pain, resilience, and fun of being young and in relationships. The exciting promise and brutality of loving men that make you feel like the world is at your feet only to treat you, a few days later, like you are “walking drama”. Yet, one could see Taylor is an open heart and keen to her emotions. As she sang tracks like, “Who Am I?” and did a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” to the glee of the crowd, she presented each song for their honesty. When you sing a track, you try to elaborate a certain emotion or thought in its conception that draws you and the audience into a connection. For Buono, it is self-awareness, and the desire to give her heart better to relationships while also choosing better ones to have. AMEN SISTER! Add on that she has one of the most delicious voices rising in the industry, and Tayler Buono is a star.
Tayler Buono – Technically Single (Official)

Yes, I said Buono’s voice is delicious because it IS! It is as succulent, fresh, and sweet as a peach plucked from the finest tree. For being a songstress honing into fleeting passions and heart-aches, she knows how to appear blissfully present as she riffs through songs with ease. No verse was left without a ripple of her vocal prowess, and no person was left without a song to say, “Yup, I can relate”. For More Information On Tayler Buono Click Here.