Concert Review: Corinne Bailey Rae Is A Singing Sweetheart at National Sawdust

Before, I gush over my newfound admiration for Corinne Bailey Rae as a singer/ person/ my dream best friend, I have to praise National Sawdust, in Williamsburg, for growing as a sophisticated space to both listen and learn more about an artist. Everytime I go there, I feel like I actually “meet” the musicians that play, as the cool, intimate setting causes artists to be more open with their music’s motivations. In addition, something has been in the NYC atmosphere because I have been seeing performances by artists that were better live than recorded. First, it was Unknown Mortal Orchestra at Summerstage that impressed me with their “alive” performance, and now Corinne Bailey Rae has made me fall in love with the songstress’ capacities. Rae is so bright in concert that her album pails in capturing her true stardom.

I have always loved Rae’s soft, plush voice. Every song she sings feels like, a vocal teddy bear being handed to my inner child. Her vocals are inherently sweet, even in sad songs. Something about Rae’s spirit cannot be devoid of positivity or virtue. Through her music, she will always fill you with hope, and, in performance, she does so doubly. The petite singer comes out all smiles and eager to give genuine thanks to all for being there. She is truthfully pleased to be on stage and such a “hot-ticketed” concert, which is moving. Someone humbled by both their talent and its mass praise can feel like, a rare gem in the industry. Hence. Corinne Bailey Rae felt like an immediate treasure.

Stop Where You Are
Rae’s energy is a pure delight. She is light. I cannot say it any other way. She comes off like the kindest person you will ever meet, and reminds viewers of the “sweet girl” in high school. The one that you cannot recall her having any enemies or anyone saying they disliked her. She seemed like the rare human being that was unmalicious in both essence and towards any presence. Thus, seeing how warm and tender a heart Rae is makes you instantly marvel at her. You want to listen to this “walking 
embodiment loveliness” before you because love deserves to be listened to. I cannot say that Rae sang with anything less than heart and it held a dominating presence in the room, despite Rae having a rather shy personality.

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Underneath her soft-spoken, coy nature is a songstress that blends jazz, pop, and funk into a modern fold of soul. Songs like Tell Me were riveting in rhythm and message: change is a must. Often. Rae spoke on the spiritual influences and input that created her songs. From a realization to stop thinking of the future to giving herself permission to dream, I was immensely happy to see Rae have such a devout and divine relationship with music. Although her lyrics and artful, sonic orchestrations give hints that Rae is a woman ready to live life to the fullest, seeing her generous anecdotes on her gathered wisdom was refreshing, especially because Rae has lessons to offer. As I mentioned Tell Me was an upbeat highlight of the show that was dedicated to all the dreamers that realize change is a constant necessary in life. Frankly, it felt like a song Bernie Sanders would have written if he was young, beautiful, and a talented singer like Rae. In addition, her cover of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” was stunning and fun. It was a show-stopper that I pray she records and releases it PRONTO!
Thus, Rae’s performance solidified in the audience her spiritual/ musical desire for happiness.

For many, music is a reflection of their essence, and the aura of Rae’s music is love. She is gold in concert, and she sounds the same live as on her records. The one difference is that her personality reveals the amount of spirit she places in her music. Soul is what drives Rae, and I am joyful to report she has got a good one. She was even kind enough to stay after and sign records for fans. Check Out her Official Page Here, where you can buy her new, fabulous album: THE HEART SPEAKS IN WHISPERS.