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Concert Review: Daniel Skye Is A Star At Irving Plaza

After reviewing The Regrettes last week, I swore I was done reviewing 16 year olds living out their full potential and prosperous lives; it truly makes me rethink my life choices. Yet, Daniel Skye is rising and prepping up to be the new angel-faced heartthrob that can play both fans hearts’ and guitar strings. The young man is a complete charm, and I was grateful that in a business that struggles to find voices unique from each other, Skye has realized a voice is not just distinguishable in sound but also in personality.
Daniel Skye – ON



If you have heard and seen Daniel then you know he is straight up, mainstream pop. I’m talking guitar melodies over a sick bass-line, and lyrics that leave him perpetually struggling with young love. His song “Good As It Gets” is the epitome of “ready for radio” with smooth synths that etch around his R&B stylized vocals. The young man knows how to play up his voice to ooze the desire that goes into having a crush, especially in a live show. He looks out into the crowd does a cooing vocal play to the audience and “smizing” his eyes; a Tyra Banks’ term which means smiling with your eyes. It did not matter where you were in the crowd, Daniel seemed to smolder and smirk at everyone with a charisma that left them wondering “Do I know you?”. He is so personal, in his aura, that he solidifies he has been blessed with the “X-factor”, or the rare, gem quality few leaders have to make a room instantly love them. I marveled at this capacity because Daniel Skye had more against him than what you may think. I reviewed Spencer Ludwig before, and absolutely adore him as a person and musician; he can give a SHOW! Moreover, I have seen Bebe Rexha before, and, love or hate her, she is mesmerizing. They both know how to imprint their presence into your memories. Thus, when you are sandwiched between two party personalities who perform for the tantamount extreme of “Go Big! or Go Home!”, you have to figure out a way to shine that is not forced or floppy. Thus, Daniel’s move to just be sweet, humble, and coolly coy was brilliant.

Daniel Skye – Smile


In between Ludwig’s trumpet flare and Bebe Rexha’s “Selena” type moves, was Daniel Skye; a sweet kid with a song. The humility of his image and person stood out to counter the boisterous nature of the two acts he was in between. As he went forward to the crowd, grabbing hands, thanking fans, and dripping love for the many who came bearing t-shirts with his name splashed across them; Skye teetered between surprise and routine. As the crowds grow for him and the amount of people skyrocket in terms of knowing his name before he even knows their face, Skye is getting used to having an adoring audience. Yet, I love the little shock he had to see them and the big appreciation he had for them. It was as if he was genuinely amused and uninformed that he is readying to to be the “next big thing”. Thus, Daniel Skye may follow the ranks of Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes in amassing a HUGE following, but he will do it with kindness, which is so refreshing. For More Information On Daniel Skye Or To Catch Him On Tour Click Here. 

Daniel Skye – Good As It Gets

Good As It Gets