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Concert Review: Eva Ross Shows The Beauty Of Isolation

Excuse me as I get sappy. I really want Eva Ross to become a global superstar or, at least, a folk one. As a reviewer, I have the opportunity to fall for artists in their very “beginnings”, or, at least, the beginnings of others’ discovering their music. Eva Ross is a rising star because not many can capture isolation quite like her.

As the slow crowd grew as Mercury Lounge, Eva Ross grabbed her guitar and played as if she was not in the room. She is so emotionally distant from the crowd that she appears like a star in the nigh-sky: pulsing its light for you to catch notice. Yet, her distance comes with the fact that she is deeply involved in making her songs fly like lonely doves. Her voice is like a broken wing still managing to soar despite pain, which can be heard in songs such as “Lose”, “Go On”, and “Black Shade”. Even from the titles of her tracks, you gain the sense that Eva Ross sings to being left behind or feeling left alone. The point is that she is in isolation, and as a lover of good, sad songs, Eva Ross might as well be my queen.

There are moments in your life when you need to press play and shed a tear. Of course, you do not do this in public, but, on a rainy day or after a hard/ boring situation, it is good to listen to songs that pull out the sadness of feeling like the only person in your own corner. Hence, the quietness and beautiful meekness of Eva Ross’ performance became an unexpected breath for the crowd. You never think someone is going to say it is okay to feel down, but what better than music to give you such permission. For More Information On Eva Ross Click Here.