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Concert Review: Hite Gives A Desert Pop Spirit At Union Pool

Hite is a new, NYC band leaving its mark across the boroughs with its spiritual, desert pop. Playing Union Pool to celebrate  their newest record,  Light Of A Strange Day, Julia Easterlin has infused into music the movement and fluidity being a dancer has infused within her. It is as if she hears and constructs sound according to the motions it would inspire in a ballerina or contemporary choreographer. It is for this reason that the crowd swayed to Hite’s set as if music were a wind that could gust away with your spirit. 

Watching  lead vocalist, Julia Easterlin I could not help but feel like I was watching a star being born. Her voice is so clear in its presentation and presence, which seems to be reflective of her person. She is the kind of woman that flows into any room with an ease and enlightenment that makes you say, “There is something great about her, and I want to meet her”. Now, we all know that person, and wish, in some ways, that our presence could bring a confidence and calm that attracted others. Hence, Easterlin has a true blessing as a personality that appeals in and of itself. Then, you add that her music is so instantly tranquil and meditative upon listeners that I wished her set was longer. Hite treats stringed and percussive instruments as if they were made between the stars of the sky and the sands of the desert. They know how to manipulate keys and tones to emanate the dryness of spirit one can feel when they are about to surrender to a situation, and the brightness that sparks in them if they choose to persevere through it. Admittedly, I was excited to hear a female song-writer lyrically exemplify and radiate the strength of a woman. Although men go through the same heartaches and heart-blooms as women because love is genderless, it still flourishes a relatable sense of communality when you hear a woman talking about whether she is being open enough to her lover or if it is time to close him off because he does not support her ambitions. Thus, Easterlin emanate the femininity of resilience and reason. 

So many women are asked to give up their voice and dreams in relationships, while many feel stumped as to how to be open with such dreams when they find a lovely partner. Either way, Hite builds a sound and aura that mystifies this very real struggle. I truly felt like I was flying through a sky of Light Of A Strange Day, and forested imagery and picturesque instrumentals guided me with the peace of Julia Easterlin’s voice. Moreover, the impromptu dance-off between Esterlin and her friend Lea Fulton was enough to make the night an image/ reminder that serenity can be fun. For More Information On Hite Click Here.