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Concert Review: Jamestown Revival Give Brooklyn Steel Some Texan Pride

Yes! A Thousand Times! Jamestown Revival played the massive warehouse/ music hall of Brooklyn Steel, and made the night feel as if we were in the middle of Nashville rather New York City. With country croons about heartbreaks and break-throughs, people grabbed a beer, closed their eyes, and let the waves of music wash over them like rain.
Jamestown Revival – California (Cast Iron Soul)

Jamestown Revival may be one of the few bands where I had to ask, “How could you not like them?”. Of course, there will always be a “Negative Nancy”, but Zach Chance and Jonathan Clay have a coolness to them that makes their stage presence irresistible. They approach the crowd with a “hang-out” mentality, as if we got off the tour bus with them and are privy to all inside jokes and the setlist, which by the end of the night we were. People were singing to “American Dream” and “Fur Coat Blues” with the passion one feels when they think a song embodies their situation. Yet, it is easy to feel a deep connection to Jamestown Revival’s music because it plays so well live. “Love Is A Burden”, my favorite track of theirs, sounded like the literal, sonic symbol for heartbreak and longing. It played epically, and proved the keys of Chance and the chords of Clay are ready-made for concerts because they turn their songs like, “California” and ” Done Me Wrong”, into Americana Odysseys. Both share crisp, tender voices that gush affection like syrup. Hence, you do not need to look back in time for empathetic, ancient myths on how a man tried to get back home and return to sanity. Their songs are the modern tales of such journeys and feats, which played well to the Millennial Brooklynites. Songs like, “Head On” and “Poor Man’s Gold”,  became sing-alongs to a crowd who understand very well, that for however much you love this concrete jungle, even you need a break from it. NYC is like family to its residents; we adore and are loyal to it, but we also enjoy a vacation away, which is why Jamestown Revival was such a great concert; they were a vacation from NYC.
Jamestown Revival – Poor Man’s Gold (The Living Room Sessions)

Even for a night, Jamestown Revival brought the best of Texas Pride with boisterous instrumentals and welcoming auras; an immediate friendliness that us, NYC’ers, are not always known for but appreciate. Still, their performance filled the giant room with a heat and heartiness that made the crowd swoon. We all knew what it was like to be young, in love, out of love, broke, and with a batch of dreams eager to be reality, and those are themes Jamestown Revival know to sing about. For More Information On Jamestown Revival And Their Current Tour Click Here. 
Jamestown Revival – Love Is A Burden

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