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Concert Review: Kate Kay Es Gives Moral Sense At National Sawdust

Running high from her grammy moment with Kesha, Kate Kay Es proved that she deserved to be on that stage for such an impactful performance. Not only is she incredibly talented, energetic, and sweet, but her National Sawdust concert showed all those ingredients make for a thoughtful artist. She does not make music without a moral sense.

Sometimes, I wonder if artists’ come into my sphere because my thoughts attract them or they simply attract my thoughts. Let me explain. Entering National Sawdust, I was just thinking about how I wish I knew of or listened to more music that wanted me to learn. Songs that blatantly and unabashedly asked me to be better and showed me the way. Kate Kay Es creates tracks that have a pop sensibility, with a smooth R&B vocality, and do not shy from carrying moral empowerment. Such capacity, furthers her unbelievable friendliness and vibrancy as she shares stories on her life and what is means to be an artist with meaning.

From “Love Too Hard” to “Working”, Kate Kay Es’ music has no problem with self-confrontation, which is dire for self-reflection. You cannot heal yourself without challenging yourself, and you cannot better your life/ relationships without this vital step. Hence, Kate sings verses wrought with insecurity transforming into strength. She brumes her voice as if spiritual clarity came through emotional cloudiness, which it does. Yet, it is surprising to know Kate, a generous talent, can struggle with self-esteem, because we are like, “Girl, you never have a reason to doubt yourself!”. She is goofy, open, and can play a mean saxophone. She is the equivalent of every person’s dream friend, or, at least, that is what it felt like when Michael Blume entered for a few duets with her.

Sharing the stage together, Kate Kay Es and Michael Blume felt like the younger, musically excellent version of Will And Grace. There was an undeniable chemistry and humor between them that made you appreciate how powerful music can be when you like the people you are making it with. From her band to Blume, Kate was adored, and by the end of the night we found ourselves as loyal to her as they were. The crowd was singing at her command and opening up as if we had gone to see someone we trust rather than another “entertainer”. For More Information On Kate Kay Es Click Here.

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