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Concert Review: Low Cut Connie Bring Revolutionary Rock To Mercury Lounge

While they may have dedicated their night to Chuck Berry, Low Cut Connie’s Adam Weiner is clearly the new, re-hyped version Jerry Lee Lewis. All he needed to do was set his piano on fire, and the night would have literally become what it had figuratively felt like: LIT. Playing up the notion of rebellion, the audience danced like they were greasers entering a 1950’s hop; nobody felt like they belonged and in that they felt together.

Slicked back hair, a red jumper that screams James Dean’s Rebel Without A Cause, and a fiery personality that does not mind telling the crowd, “Come On, Mother F**kers!”, people fell in love with Adam Weiner in the way you fall in love with a revolutionary. Despite playing to classic rock n’ roll in style and swag, Weiner timeless in his audacity and eagerness to make you equally bold. Persons stood on Mercury Lounge’ s sofas as Weiner stood on his piano to the point that the roof curved him over. Yet, that was nothing, considering the Weiner could not stop “pretzeling” over the piano and shaking his booty at the audience. He was met with non-stop cheers by an audience that salivated as the idea of having as much energy. fearlessness, and coolness as this one -of- a kind performer. Weiner is a clear reminder that being cool is being your best even craziest self. He egged on the crowd in vocal and piano riff, never letting down the connection her works so fervently to build. He might be the first performer I have ever seen that left the stage and genuinely hugged audience members. He could not stop hi-fiving and embracing the crowd as if were his family applauding his graduation, which is not a far-off notion. Part of why Low Cut Connie’s concert feels like a spiritual graduation is because they have all overcome facades and fakery. They are not trying to be “cool” in image, and as Adam laughingly points out, “We are very good at being unsuccessful”. The band has build a following off their signature performance and good, old-fashioned rock n’roll, but only recently broke into the charts.

I cannot say what was my favorite song or moment of the night. It truly felt like a syncopated moment of greatness; adrenaline compacted and compiled to spark your night. What I can say is that songs like, “Shake It Little Tina”, “Pity Party” ,and “Scoliosis In Secaucus” , definitely, transported me to that 1950’s angst of teenaged love. Moreover, Weiner did his ooo’s and ahhh’s, in style and song, to build that old-world feeling of freshness and a concert that I would see again. For More Information On Low Cut Connie Click Here.