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Concert Review: Milky Chance Makes The Crowd Blossom At LPR NYC

Milky Chance played their newest album, Blossom, at Le Poisson Rouge to a beyond packed crowd. Heads were counted and crowned by their newest songs that played excellently in concert. The night felt like a perfection connection/ combination as Milky Chance are excellent performers serving some of their best material through their new album.

As I reviewed in Blossom, the entire album is Millennial struggles set to synths and instrumentals, which explains why the performance was so fresh and young. Hands waved in the air as if to catch a lyric was to catch the truth. “Firebird”, “Alive”, “Peripeteia” and “Doing Good” were just a few of the songs they played that set musical theme between every twenty-something’s struggle between apathy, angst, and feeling alive. Such themes may seem like a “downer”, but their realness and vulnerability shined over instrumentals that felt big on record but were magnified in enormity during the concert. The room was, literally, overpowered by the drums, bongos, harmonica, and guitar riffs emanating from Milky Chance’s members Clemens Rehbein, Philipp Dausch, Antonio Greger. The band did an exceptional job of showing how talented they are by adding moments where they riffed and rasped their instruments as if they were sonic towels being squeezed of every last drop of music they had absorbed. Yet, Rehbein, naturally, stood out as the lead singer, whose vocals became a beacon to shine upon the audience.
Milky Chance – Cocoon (Official Video)

Rehbein’s voice is literally a waterfall of richness in concert. His raspiness feels multiplied by the amount of sentiment he puts into his singing. He closes eyes and smokes his voice through lyrics to give them the torn feelings that Blossom is dedicated to analyzing. I cannot reiterate enough how phenomenal his voice is and how he plays it to swoon the crowd. Moreover, when he riffs his guitar or truly feels a moment in the song, he will dance around the stage as if he, literally, caught the spirit. He keels over and approaches the crowd to play his guitar, which, of course, makes the audience go wild. In addition, I really enjoyed how grateful he was to the audience. He thanked the crowd for showing up and being fans after each song. I am not kidding! After each track, he would smile and say, genuinely and humbly, how grateful he was that we loved them. I almost felt as if he had come to see us rather than we had come to see him. That consistent moment of graciousness added to the dynamic atmosphere Milky Chance was building.
Milky Chance – Doing Good

The aura and ambiance Milky Chance gives in concert is both cathartic and fun. It is cathartic because you cannot get any better than Blossom for an album that balances amazingly vibrant instrumentals with lyrics that strike to the hardships and wonders of being young in this era. Moreover, with a lightly fogged and laser-lit stage, their tracks seem to brighten as they matched the lively set. Add on the charming personalities and vast talent of Milky Chance, as a band, and you have a show that is a guaranteed good one. For More Information On Milky Chance And To Their Concert, which I highly recommend, Click Here.