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Album Review: Boys Noize Makes You Scream Mayday Again!

While his first mix felt what a sonic punch to your brain, Boys Noize Mayday Remixes Pt. 2 feels like a more nuanced venture. Do not get me wrong I enjoyed the first remix because it was brazenly and blatantly about rocking out and going mad with music. It is certainly a record to just give into the physicality of living. While Pt. 2 is the same, it feels more vast in if display of movement- inspired tracks.

It is amazing to see how much a person can do with one song. In a world that loves covers and appreciates remixes and mash-ups, Mayday Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 are unexpected love letters to how creative others can be with your creation. For instance, Tensnake’s remix of Starchild (feat. Poliça) feels like a gentler, more twinkling version of this surprisingly romantic song. Meanwhile, Chambray’s remix of Birthday (feat. Spank Rock) comes off like a 90’s inspired celebration of such a date. Yet, that does not take away that Boys Noize is here to light your body and mind on synthesized fire, but he takes a more Deep House approach that seems like it was founded in a German nightclub. Tracks like, Hardkotzen (Jensen Interceptor Remix), Euphoria feat. Remy Banks (Amato Remix), and Midnight (Raito Remix) are electrifying in sonics and waved moodiness. Their bassline kicks range from military-like steps to the pattering feet of what seems to be an electro-fairy. Unlike Pt.1, Mayday Pt. 2 brings out the curious wonder and ““badassery” that house-tracks muster in people, which I mentioned in my Dusky review.

Something about Deep House and Wave music makes you think but you could drop-kick life in the face rather than feeling like it has drop kicked you. While Mayday Pt. 1 felt like a purer exertion/ purging of body energy, the arrangements and instrumentals of Mayday Pt 2 will grab your mind a little more to make you dream as you dance. Just on its first track, Overthrow (Club Version), you think you have a entered a jungle of neon-tasered visions and dancing friends. It blazes in beats that are so lively you sincerely believe you can touch them in the same way you touch a human being. Thus, both Mayday albums are entertaining and fun, but capture the different aspects of giving into a night-out. In Pt 1. you want to be mindless in your joy, and in Pt. 2 you want to stimulate visions that make both you body and heart leap. To Buy Both Click Here.