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Album Review: B.Miles Resonates With Self-Titled EP


B. Miles might be dropping the most ready-made EP for the summer. Her self-titled, five track record will be released on March 17, and it is like watching a pixelated sun shine as if it were crafted by God when it was made by digital hands. With synths that sparkle and seethe as if they could emanate heat, B.Miles EP makes you walk through your life as if the day watching and the night was looming.

For me, music comes in moods. When I’m in the Led Zeppelin mood, I want to rock out, when I’m in the Rihanna mood, I want to show out, and when I’m in a Valerie June mood, I want to chill out. My point is that artist appeals to a certain aspect of you that you want to put on when you’re ready to display it. They become a soundtrack to your character, and B.Miles is the soundtrack to the side of you that is smart, fun, and trying to undeterred by others. “Running” is a glittering example of every night/ day you were out with friends and that burst of energy just enters you without any rhyme or reason. We have all had kicks of adrenaline that spike through us, and, to B.Miles, you do not question sudden joy or a rhythm that inspires; you simply run with it. Hence, her following tracks of “Rude”, “Typical Words”, “Tell Me I’m Wrong” are like the moments where we question why the people we most love challenge our sudden self-love. There are times when we all realize that a relationship is not giving us the support and genuine love we need because it fails to relish in our random positivity/bliss as in “Running”. For these songs, B. Miles uses electro-blues instrumentals and winds her vocals to sound like the haunting calls of a woman asking for help/ answers. Whether she is smoking her voice to give it a sonic weight or lightening her vocals to give it an air of transparency, she never loses her breathiness and emotional desire for connection as seen with her final call/track “YINU”.

There are many reasons that B. Miles will have a growing fan-base, but here are three. First, she vocally resonates with Lana Del Rey, which means she can make vulnerability into a catchy tune. Second, people will love her “Imogen Heap” instrumentals / synths that make you feel as if your club atmosphere has turned into a neon waved sky of personal sentiments and wonder. Third, everyone likes to catch onto an artist so they can have the proud moment of saying they were the first to hear their distinct sound before anyone knew them. B.Miles has distinguished herself and will continue to do so after this self-titled EP drops on March 17, which you can buy here.