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Concert Review: Dusky Bring Mystery Techno To Warsaw NYC

If ever I want a concert that makes me feel more “badass”, it would be Dusky or rather Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman. Like my recent review of DJ, Alan Walker, I was thrown by my humbling lesson that each DJ, or pair of DJ’s, has a hard job of creating an atmosphere that can match any audience. While every DJ is his or her own world of sound, Dusky’s world feels cinematic in scope. 
Dusky feat. Solomon Grey – Long Wait (video)

Long Wait

From a heavy bassline to quick combustions of what seems to be synths tasered into their rhythms,  usky may be be from the UK but I could not help but hear their German House influences. One of my favorite films of all time, Run Lola Run, was a massive international hit/ cult classic, in part, because it played with the sonic interconnections between techno-music and mystery. In some ways, Dusky does the same. You can not help but feel like you can run a thousand miles for love, lust, and liberation on their music. It is pure octane mixed with tempos that emotionally play with listener’s minds. One minute you are at the club dancing and in the next you think you are in action sequence of your favorite thriller. Truth be told, there is not much difference between either in energy. They both feed off the idea human beings can be something else beyond what they are in their “daily routines”. This could explain why Dusky’s music induced a hypnosis over the crowd. People smiled and expanded their bodies as if they were being stretched more than swayed by the music. The effect was distinct and fascinating to watch, particularly, because Dusky’s Warsaw show was their US debut. 

Dusky – Skin Deep (Official Video)

Skin Deep

Playing to a packed house, as their stage lit up with lasers and images of human beings morphing into the other and contorting to Dusky’s music, I could not stop saying to myself, “Now this is how you make a debut!”. This may sound like a cheesy remark, but not every artist can “make it” on their home-country’s success to leap into a U.S. one. While Dusky’s following grows by the minute, it was certainly felt that their power on the U.S. DJ scene was imminently amassing. After all, who does not want to feel like a covert assassin or high-speed detective? Somehow, Dusky has managed to put those scenarios into a sound that embodies the mysticism and noir nature of being human. This could explain why they chose to use dancing, morphing images of human beings. Maybe the greatest “mystery” to humanity is how alike we all are to each other? Thus, for a night of electro mystery and mischief, I suggest Dusky for a phenomenal concert. For More Information On Dusky Click Here. 

Dusky – Ingrid Is A Hybrid

Ingrid Is A Hybrid