Concert Review: Shaed Brings House-Pop To Webster Hall

Shaed is a pop group comprised of multi­instrumentalist twin brothers Max and Spencer Ernst and powerhouse vocalist Chelsea Lee. The band creates songs that takeover your spirit and make it want to bop around the dance floor like it is a child’s bouncy ball. This may sound like a childish analogy but it is a childlike reference to the sweet sonics this band offers.

Shaed’s synthetic pop sound is friendly and lovable like two friends interacting over their day; it carries and embracing warmth.  Yet, the Ernst brothers also blend that warmth with a pulsating house/ electronica/trap sound to make sure audiences’ remember their music is to jolt their heart-rate.  the performance of Lee brought a mature sensibility to Shaed’s music that took me aback. Their trap-house sounds totally hit the mark with the Millennial market that desires its pop to have the techno-undercurrent they were raised in. Hence, lead singer, Chelsea Lee’s ability to feel the song and crowd makes Shaed a breathe of youth to Millennials in search of a new artist or concert to see. Moreover, her style and grace epitomizes what it is to be a diva, and gives their youthful sound a mature sensibility in performance.  

Seeing Chelsea Lee perform live is an experience. She has a supernatural aura to her that makes her seem like a warrior princess that has come to earth to show the world that music is resilience. She is so fierce and fired by her own presence that you cannot take your eyes off her like a glorious diva. I know that diva is a term that tussles between being a compliment and an insult. Yet, Lee shows why for many vocalists it should be a goal by giving Webster Hall a master class on how to own the stage. She can be 100% a teacher for fellow vocalists and women on how to confidently embody their femininity/ strength and turn it into a powerful performance. In addition, Lee has a voice that rides through vocal range as if she is racing with the music, itself, to reach the sky. I was vastly impressed by the notes and harmonies she sang that night because, although her songs exemplify her talent, her performance elevates it.

Not many artists understand how important a concert performance is to their career. I have elaborated before that touring has become vital to the prosperity and longevity of a musician. Still, not many artists can show their talent beyond the studio, and even less can raise it on the stage. Therefore, when I see Lee open her arms and hit notes like she was Whitney Houston, I am left in a happy awe.  No she does not share the same vocal range or power of this late great dive, but she does have the essential prowess that makes the audience feel like every lyric she sings has been imprinted in their soul. Thus, I walked out with a respect for Lee, and her acknowledgment that artists are born not just in song but on stage.

Shaed is undeniably a great band. They have the electric mainstream pop sound that will light up the radio.  Yet, more importantly, they have the concert presence that will make them impactful in the music industry. For more information on Shaed Click Here.