Concert Review: Weathers Passes “Happy Pills” At Webster Hall

The Weathers  are  avibrant concert choice for anyone seeking a deliriously good time; delirious being the keyword.   While many go for feeling good, this goes for the euphoria of joy.  Their hit “happy pills” is a good summation of their approach to music like a drug that manufactures bliss.

Lead Singer Cameron Boyer’s the ultimate purveyor of bliss with a frontman persona similar to The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger. He swags throughout the stage with his rhythm guitar and fur coat. Yes, under the burgeoning lights of Webster Hall. Boyer gyrated in a thick, fur coat that was reminiscent of London’s classic rock days. With his presence alone, he transformed Webster Hall into a neon, anarchic club open for any youth looking for escapism. Luckily, that escapism was achieved through a rambunctious sound that promoted mischievousness to life.
Weathers – Happy Pills//

As Boyer yells into the mic, Cole Carson bashes his drums, and Cameron Olsen and Brennen Bates strike their stringed instruments, the fun-ness of chaos courses through their music. This is a band that exemplifies the spontaneity and madness of being young and not caring AT ALL about tomorrow. Sure, this is not exactly best mentality to have at all times, yet it  is one that should be had and experienced a lot. Not worrying and riding out the unpredictability of tomorrow with glee is a rare luxury. Not many, can count on their hand the times where the future’s unknowingness was more exciting than terrifying. Thus, The Weathers unknown vivaciousness is intoxicating to viewers that wish to runaway, even for a second, from routines and issues. Moreover, it adds to the unpredictability of their set and energy. You never know  where they are going next, but you know you are going to follow. 

As I looked at the young smiling faces and tossed beers, I knew The Weathers have and will continues to achieve gold. They are fun to its penultimate, and embody a Millennial  “rockerism” that few are achieving. By “rockerism”, I mean the Mick Jagger style I described blended with “millennial problems”. Yes, #millennialproblems is a common hashtag in the social media universe, and somehow The Weathers have managed to popularize it with a sound that brings out the exhilaration that comes from life’s challenges. Although no one wants issues, it is pretty exciting and self-gratifying to discover your strength and intelligence as you create resolutions. To which, The Weathers lyrically discuss and musically symbolize as bunch of guys consistently rising from the hiccups of life in song. For More Information On The Weathers Click Here