Concert Review: Har Mar Superstar Is INSANE At Bowery Ballroom

Seeing Har Mar Superstar at Bowery Ballroom had to have been one of the funnest, funniest moments of my life.  This man is the musical nightmare of any mother. He seduces with an “old-school” Motown voice, and deduces you with his “in your face”, boyish tricks. Har Mar Superstar the epitome of an entertainer/grown child, and I adored it.

Even recalling his Bowery Ballroom performance makes me smile because, plainly, Har Mar Superstar is deranged and hilarious. First, he wore the tightest, most colorful leggings that I have not seen on anyone since a pack of cheerleaders passed me in a mall.  Then, he had a huge Mexican quilt/ poncho that he tussled around like a bull caught under its wrap. He let his belly hang out and ”Goonies” shook around the stage doing a flip/hand-stand that left the crowd in awe. People looked at him in wonder as if he was the craziest musician to ever be released from an asylum. It was phenomenal.  Moreover, it showed that to be the joke can be more empowering/ liberating than being the one making it on others.  

Yes, Har Mar Superstat is balding. Yes, he is plus-sized. And, yes, one of his promotional pictures is this one below:

And? Why be boring? Why not be as cool, unique, and weird as this creative talent?   Those are the questions of his persona/ performance style. Why not be a mad poet with a comedic flare? Why not write songs for Britney Spears and dance like you are her? Why not tussle your falling hair like you are in a Garnier commercial? These are the questions you will ask yourself at a Har Mar Superstar concert, which is why his show is brilliant; he is random and extremely talented.  His vocals are like a tall glass of old-school lemonade with a rock n’ roll lime twist. Yes, this sounds like the most Heavenly. musical concoction, but its more a reference to how drinkable his voice is to audiences. You “drink” every word he coos and swindles over classic techno-pop beats that feel like Britney Spears met the 80’s and decided to do an album. Thus, the spontaneity of Har Mar Superstar is like getting a gift-bag after winning an Oscar. Har Mar Superstar is the prize with awesome, fantastical music, and the escapism his sparkling personality offers is an added luxury.

Seeing Har Mar Superstar in concert is like having someone throw a firecracker on stage, and watching the fireworks splash across the atmosphere. He is unpredictable and captivating in the freedom of his insanity. Yes, you laugh at his hi-jinks, but you also admire him. Who has not wished they could wear what they want, do what they want, and say what they want with a confidence that humbled anyone that even tempted to challenge it. He does not care about opinions because he has freed himself from those chains, which makes his loudness as a performer both charming and humorous. Yet, most importantly, he has a fantastic voice that matches with any form of techno-pop/ swinging sonics he will serve. For More Information On Har Mar Superstar Click Here.