Concert Review: Morgxn Shows Sex Is A Physical Embodiment Of Love At Le Poisson Rouge

Morgxn, in some ways, had the universe on his side in his Le Poisson Rouge concert.  The artist had performed for the first time in New York City., and his excitement was palpable. It is hard to deny the loveliness and adrenaline of witnessing a dream become reality. It is like watching a film in 3-D. As the special effects leap off the screen and before your eyes, suddenly, something that cannot be touched, feels openly approachable.  It was that approachability that gave Morgxn the confidence and rawness to make his music and performance feel like the only one happening on planet Earth that day.
One of my favorite things about Morgxn as a performer is that he comes off like a classic rocker. He points and hovers over the audience like he has been doing a world tour all his life. The energy of his happiness made each of his songs feel as if they were greatest hits for both him and listeners. I had reviewed before “Love You With The Lights On”, which he played during his concert, I am enamored with this track because it is hauntingly sexy and unabashed with its lustfulness. Morgxn’s capacity to take sexual passions, and make them seem stunningly human was the key to both his performance and his future musical career.

When you think about sex or see it discussed on television there is a struggle to acknowledge the beauty of this ac. Moreover, it seems to shameful to even seek how this seemingly carnal desire can be associated with purity. Yet, Morgxn shows that lust, passion, and the wanting of another human being can be an extension of love. Therefore, it does not always have to be defined as grotesque or sinful, particularly when sex is founded in love. Instead, sex can be seen as a physical manifestation of a spiritual acknowledgment; the person before you has conquered your heart.

Love and sex go hand-in-hand, and how you use your body to express what you feel inside is important for your partner to know where you are at emotionally/ physically in a relationship. Think of the body as another speaker, beyond your voice, to represent to your lover what you feel about him or her. Morgxn creates music that ignites in you a want and understanding of how a simple touch can say a thousand “I love you’s”. Therefore, when you hear the bassline drop it is as if you are hearing an emotional wall crumble and a lover decide I am going to give myself completely to my partner.  This amount of respect and insight into how love and sex connect could explain why Morgan sings so fully with his heart. He knows that in order to the show how fitting it is when you love somebody with your heart, mind, and body, he has to give his audience a vocal kingdom.  You may ask what is a vocal kingdom? It is just a “parable-esque” term to describe the amount of rich detail that one must exude in their voice to show the gold that is their lyrics and the wisdom that wrote them. For more information on Morgxn Click Here.