BAM Presents Monchichi: A Hip-Hop Cross-Cultural Ballet

Company Wang Ramirez, comprising choreographers, dancers, and real lif couple, Sébastien Ramirez and Honji Wang, makes its BAM debut with Monchichi, a choreographic study of the cultural identities and movements that have interplayed in their romance. The French-Spanish Ramirez, a gifted b-boy, and Korean-German Wang, whose stylistic influences include ballet and martial arts, cultivates a physical language that reflects their search to find a personal, cultural identity throughout their globalized upbringing.  Hence, their varied dance styles, are expressive of their consistent growth as two individuals that symbolize how interconnected this world is in terms of culture.

Monchichi has a minimal set, which can be focused in on a simply lit tree that changes in color depending on the mood/ genre the couple dances to. The tree gives a sort of Adam and Eve feel to Monchichi as the couple struggles, through the years, to blend with the varying times, identities, and woes that can affect an individual, but are magnified when that individual is in a relationship. The synth-heavy score helps to elevate the attention to physical prowess/language that purveys the play. Although each character has their lines to both the audience and each other, the play uses the body as a primary form of speech.

Monchichi can be described as a Hip-Hop ballet that will have audiences enraptured by curiosity. As the audiences tries to figure out what every physical move signifies spiritually or emotionally, they will be highly focused on Ramirez and Wang, which is how one should be when witnessing a play.  You want to watch the actors/dancers before you like bees watch honey: with admiration and liveliness at being apart of its production. Therefore, the hybridization of cultures and body language as a legitimate form of rhetoric will inspire many viewers.

Currently playing at BAM, this 55 minute “dance-play” is one amongst the many circulating plays, dances, and films that BAM selects to show the vastness of heart and expression. BAM is consistently selecting theatre that teaches and expands viewers minds/ spirits. Thus, click here to learn more about their future selection.

BAM Fisher (Fishman Space) 321 Ashland Pl
Oct 12—Oct 15 at 7:30pm; Oct 14 at 9:30pm
Tickets: $25