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Concert Review: NVDES Defines Naughty Fun At Mercury Lounge


NVDES thrives off the idea of “naughtiness”. He is like a kid who stole every cookie jar within a mile radius, and is giggling over it in his decked out tree house. He brims with a boyish rambunctiousness that played to the NYC scene, and his newest NYC inspired EP La NVDITÉ vol. 1 EP. 

You might of heard of NVDES from his track “The Other Side”, which graced one of my fave shows, “You’e The Worst”. In some ways that show and NVDES sound have so much in common: the y are quirky, clever, and completely based on pushing social boundaries/ shocking people with their cruder sense. Songs like, “8AM”, “I Want To Make Out At The Gay Club”, “Do You Think About Me”, and “Turning Heads” define NVDES by title and name. He sings to the moment when the party went ultra-levels of strange, fun, and freeing. To every moment when you drank yourself into a hangover, but had a blast full of hilarious memories with friends. Or every instant when you thought, “You know what! Yes, I am going to make out with you, stranger!”. There are moments when “not being you” is actually the most “you” that you have ever been, which is why he lyrically and personally emanates a feeling of removing every facade/ rule you have imposed upon yourself. This message is amped by his inability to be still. He goes side to side and jumps to the front row of the crowd like he drank 80 gallons of Mountain Dew and never wants to sleep again. With his friend mixing rhythms on the side, NVDES was in his zone. He had returned to his beloved NYC, and marveled how it was the epicenter of dreams and diversity. New York fosters artists because it fosters eccentricity. Thus, for a man whose music is about being or getting weird, the NYC crowd was like a batch of wires plugging into his higher sense/ stimulated vibes of fun. 

NVDES concert was way too short. I could have lived forever in his electro-dance craze, and jumped to the moon and back with his personal energy. He is thoughtful in that he aims for being thoughtless. In essence, he cares by being carefree. All he wants is to have such a good time that “time” seems to seize as a concept. How could you fight that argument? For More Information On NVDES Click Here.