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Concert Review: Rationale Is “Stay Woke” Music At Mercury Lounge

I always say the more interpersonal you are as an artist, the more loyalty you will gain from a crowd. By the show’s end, Rationale was lucky he did not get 3,000 free beers, especially after performing so rivetingly while jet-lagged. His capacity to deliver songs like they were written in his feelings for outer wisdom made it hard to not get “universal in mentality ”. As the charming singer interchanged personal stories and songs, he transformed Mercury Lounge into his living one.
Rationale – Deliverance

It was clear that Rationale could NOT give a bad show even if he tried. The singer has an X-factor that might be comparable to the Holy Spirit. There is an essence to him in song and soul that shows mightiness is born from humbleness. Yet, humility does not take away good humor or even the preciseness of a performer. At times, we confuse plainness for modesty, but his laughs and voice were amped by a feeling that Rationale is one of us; so why is he so wise? (Lol!) The strangeness of feeling connected to an esteemed, thoughtful person is that you are shocked they are like you in dour experiences, but oddly feel better in their response to it. Tracks like “Somewhere For Nothing”, “Fuel The Fire”, and “Deliverance” are perfect examples of Rationale’s capacity to take every “crisis” in our life an turn it into common-ground for us to share with our fellow sufferers/ human beings. It is easy to feel lonely in your hurt, but no one is alone in knowing hurt, of which Rationale reiterated in presence and songs such as “Reciprocate” and “Prodigal Son”. For all his casual friendliness, his music had a set message vital for our harrowing times; life gets better if you make it better. Self-accountability is integral to self-awareness, and his music makes you WANT to feel such sentiments that, often, seem scary in perspective.
Rationale – Fuel To The Fire (Official Video)

There is a reason people say, “Stay woke!”, and it is because we would all rather be asleep; it is just easier. Yet, Rationale is a vocal awakening. His falsetto/ high notes feel like royal, ornate scarves being tossed around your mind as your soul eagerly catches them, while his weightier, heavy tones drop upon you like boxes of happy memories. Still, more importantly, Rationale emotes his notes like he is the self-conductor of the orchestra in his mind. He closes his eyes and raises his hands as if he could see every lyric in his head, and had to direct them to the messages/ images of people’s imagination. Thus, he is 100% about fully connecting his music with the audience, which may seem like a given, but, at times, for performing singers it becomes an after-thought. Some artists see music like entertainment, and others, like Rationale, see it as human outreach. Click Here for more information on Rationale.
Rationale – Something For Nothing (Official Video)