Concert Review: RJD2 Makes Me Want To Dance Like A Pro At Brooklyn Bowl

You ever dance so hard that in looking back you pray the club was empty. Yeah, that was me last night’s at Brooklyn Bowl RJD2 concert. There are moments in your life when you realize how public you were, and you simply have to own it. Though I’m sure the many there understand me because RJD2 makes music that IS to bust a move.

From the minute he began his set,  I wanted to pull up a cardboard box and start free-styling moves. RJD2 makes music that brings out your inner choreographer without any question as to whether you have the rhythm to be one. After all, every one can dance but whether its good is up for grabs. Personally, I first discovered RJD2 and his laundry list of amazing tracks from a Broad City feature of one of my favorite songs of his “1976”. The track is a pretty good example of everything that makes RJD2 ‘s music an experience: it is bouncing and subtle in its hypnosis. You don’t really pick up that you are having a great time, smiling like you are are showing your teeth to a dentist, and dancing like you are Beyonce (wannabe) until that lucid moment on your way home where you say. “Oh, God why did I spin so much?” or “Please Lord! Tell Me I Did NOT High Kick Someone In The Face”. These might be some of the phrases you catch yourself uttering. Yet, no need for shame, this is a sign that you had the time of your life.

Dame Fortune (Full Album Stream)

//, I did not expect to have the blast I had at Brooklyn Bowl because I did not know what to expect. RJD2’s music certainly pumps the blood, but I was very curious how it would transition from my headphones to his speakers. To my surprise, it brought the same eagerness to move it does when your blasting them on your Beats. As everyone exerted their body like shaking their hips was the equivalent to churning butter, RJD2 stayed cool and serious. He had a laser focus on his mixes as if he were making a delicious meal that would be served once his set was done. This type of vibe gave the feeling that his set would never end. With how easily each song flowed into the other, the crowd got the overarching sense that there was no end because there was no time. RJD2’s concert was one of the few instances that that has ever happened to me: loss of time. Usually, we all have a quick glance to our watch that does not mean the artist is bad as much as we never fully give ourselves to any moment. Everyone is always thinking of a plan that, by the time its satisfied, another is being made. Yet, RJD2 was a concert to lose your plans, and enjoy the spectacular sounds and lights running rampant.

The Sheboygan Left 

// Bowl went out of its way with beautiful sparkling lights tossing like thousands of fire-flies coursing through the crowd. It became an absolutely magical discotheque that glistened with positive vibes and the wide-ranging sounds of RJD2. While many make music that feels like you are leaving earth, RJD2’s music sounds like you are discovering its again with basslines that are as huge and green as mountains and smoked synths that appear like ocean mists. For More Information On RJD2 Click Here.