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Concert Review: Spring King Is Punk Power From The UK AT Gramercy Theatre

Headlining BBC Music Presents is Spring King a punk rock, surfy ensemble that have a casual, garage band style mixed in with grunge, angst vocals. They were an intriguing choice to close the night because they fully encapsulated that vast offerings of UK Music, Sundara Karma brought back Liverpool 70’s rock, Izzy Bizu modernized jazz/ R&B with electro undertones, and Spring King brought a beach-like vibe to the anarchism of punk music.

The first thing I loved about Spring King is their relaxed personas. These men just want to have a good time and play music without any over-thought. This was clear from their presentation on the stage, with the announcer marveling at their previous days spent surfing the beaches of California. This anecdote embodies their essence as just a group of “guys” brutishly strumming on guitars and drums to make sure that you do not simply stand up but shoot up to their sound. The contrast  is humorous as they appear like the “chillest” anarchists to ever hit the stage. While bands like The Clash or the Sex Pistols seemed like they worked on overdrive to be counter-cultural and look like your “mother’s nightmare”, Spring King has an ease to their presence despite having the same blaring sonics as these legendary bands. There is nothing nightmarish to these guys in style and approachability as they increasingly encouraged for people to join them in their good time. Hence, it is exciting to watch this gleeful and  cast music that is known for embodying the desperation of pain.

Spring King

// thing that was apparent to Spring King in concert is that they are having a blast. They are childlike in how they approach their instruments, like a pack of boys discovering that the harder you strum the bass the more inciting it becomes to your adrenaline. Their wonder and smiles, throughout the concert, were infectious, and loosened the crowd to partake in the head-banging and dancing their performance produced. As each member played side by side, you can see their shared brotherhood and united agreement that life and music are to be enjoyed. Thus, again,  the irony of their show comes in that they appear like the last men on earth who would have a “rage” issue or a harsh sound. This explains their blending of garage-pop into the heart of their music. For how aggressive and pulsing each of their vocals become,  their harmonies exemplified the “bubbliness” of their personalities. These are guys you would both surf in the beach and then smash a car with; a paradoxical idea but one the symbolizes their essence.

// King is definitely a cool band to check out if you want some “head-banger” tracks without feeling like you need to be emotionally shattered to absorb their pained arrangements. They remind everyone that music can be a mood changer, but it does not have to be your actual or constant mood. Into, it can be your moment, which is why anyone can love Spiring King. Even if you do not like punk rock or garage pop, they, at least, make you understand that you can revel in the moment such sounds give you. Thus, in witnessing their balanced power to be emotionally distant and present, all at once, viewers are able to see how a performance is made. They may tussle across the stage with their energy, but once the track is over you see their zest for life comes from a still, tranquil space. For More Information On Spirng King Click Here.