Concert Review: Tall Heights Play Desert Folk And Sour Patch Kid Memories At Rough Trade NYC


I can’t describe it, but something about Tall Heights makes me feel that they will rise to great mainstream success. Maybe, it is my intuition/ “scooby- sense” inkling me to see the “it factor” of this progressive folk duo. Yes, they are talented musicians with phenomenal tunes that makes you feel like, a  sun ray coursing through the desert. Yet, most importantly, they are funny and charismatic.

First, I wil discuss the music. Tall Heights are under the progressive folk genre, and, frankly, their songs are pretty. I absolutely adore the cello, and feel that it adds a stunning sense of melancholy to any song. Paul Wright plays the cello with a closeness and passion a man would show his lover. It was fascinating to see him play these illustrious rhythms of beauty and somberness with the focus of someone living in a dream: filled with awe and thoughtfulness. Yet, the fascination develops because he can go from giving all his best musicianship to a song and then make a dry joke about sour patch kids. It honestly felt like a lesson in method acting. One minute, he was enveloped by songs of woe and whim like, a man that had journeyed through a rough life, and then he was laughing with the crowd like an old friend. The same trick of endearment was used by fellow band member and vocalist Tim Harrington.

Holding On, Holding Out 

Tim Harrington is hilarious. Not only is he a great guitar player with a lush voice like, the juice of ripened fruit when opened, but he is so funny. I know that when you go to a concert, you are going for the talent, but personality makes every swoon as an added gem. In a world filled with so much talented competition, Tall Heights’ ability to make you feel like their friend is important and key to their rising success. They simply have a “chill” essence to them like, after they finish playing, they are going to buy everyone a beer and chat. That calm approachability is charming and makes the audience feel deeply included and connected with them and their music. Harrington, as well, kept on making sour patch kids’ jokes and quipping tales about how they had played The Sour Patch Kid House in Brooklyn. Their candy-filled, music adventure carried the loosening, feel-good vibes that bands wish to give audiences. Everyone felt more open to their music that already contained a gentility compositing that could be compared to the relaxed, fluid nature of a summer breeze.  Thus, in between crooning scintillating melodies, you would chuckle and giggle at Harrington’s vast sarcasm. By the end of the night, you felt like, you has an inside joke with him, which again, is a smart move in building mass appeal.

Spirit Cold

I recently reviewed Coldplay, and in the concert Chris Martin not only completely gave himself to performance, but he also gave himself in personality. He quipped about his memories of playing Irving Plaza, and having that hunger to rise to massive stadiums and share his music with the world. People felt so moved by his energy that they marveled at his accomplishment like they owned them.
Nowadays, people are not simply buying music, but they are buying the artist, as well. Music consumers want to buy the image, personality, and the entire aura of your being that comes with your music, which is why I elaborate how awesome Tall Heights’ personalities were. Beyond the magnificence of their music, were two really smart, cool guys that, I kid you not!, will end up playing bigger and bigger arenas. Their music has the Mumford and Sons harmonies that can make you fall into any story, emotion, or philosophy they want you to absorb.  When a musician can make you laugh with their personality and make you feel with their music, it is the biggest key to success he or she can hold, and Tall Heights’ has those keys in bundles.

Tall Heights’ full, debut album, Neptune, will be released on August 19, and I am very excited. Every song they played last night was high quality and filled with heightened sentiment. Their music is perfect for candlelight moments where you close your eyes and dream of love and freedom to love. For more information on Tall Heights Click Here!