Comedy Review: Madison House Presents The Hilarious Flight of The Conchords

Madison House Presents is running a fantastic concert series at Forest Hill Stadium in Queens. They are absolutely phenomenal events that are fun and have sense of luxury to them. The stadium is grandiose with some of the kindest people working there, which makes a difference. From the entrance, you are not going to have a good time, but a “feel- good” time, i.e. you will feel and be truly happy. Yesterday, I had the pleasure to see their comedy lineup of Demetri Martin, John Hodgeman, and Eugene Mirman. Capping off the night was the silliest duo to hit music: The Flight of The Conchords. Overall, the night, July 20, was about being silly, and it was a fantastic, empowering venue to do so.

What I loved most about this Madison House Presents’ comedy lineup is it had an excellent selection of silly comedians. I elaborate silly because there is a childlike, innocent humor to comedians like, The Flight of The Conchords, whom have no viciousness to their jokes. People often denote that comedy is about making fun of others’ tragedy, but The Conchords never do that. Even their self-deprecation, which is their closest to “harsh jokes”, is light-hearted. They always are “in” on their musings towards each other, and they smile coolly throughout their acts. You can feel their friendship for each other, and their dry, sarcastic humor seems to come from sweet naivety about life. Only the Flight of The Conchords could make a three minute bit about how they are rich enough to not eat an entire banana both “laugh out loud funny” and brazenly charming. As the whole crowd smiled from “ear to ear”, we all felt a sense of nostalgia because we realized how much we missed  these guys and their music.

Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros

It has been a near decade since these guys have played and rocked tv screens with their HBO show, The Flight of The Conchords. The show was a massive hit, and still carries a cult following for the comedy band that could be felt last night. They were one of the first, huge Cable comedy shows that made it cool to laugh at a humorous program not based in a basic channel. Everyone remembered the lyrics and decade old joy they felt at hearing songs like, Foux du Fa Fa, Summer of 1353, Business Time, and, of course my favorite, Stana. For me, the latter was the highlight of the show. This ten minute long ode to a weird pervert named Stana left the audience in an uproar of laughter and included viewer participation. It is definitely the “raunchier” of their songs, but it is also one of their funniest with the usage of Western American accents and guitar riffing that highlighted their strong, seasoned musicianship. 
Hurt Feelings

When you go to a Flight of The Conchords concert, your main, mental focus is to laugh. All you think is, “Comedy Time!”, but part of what has made this duo so popular is their ability to make extremely catchy hooks and melodies. Their lyrics are funny jokes that become oddly elevated by the fact that you are laughing AND dancing. I noticed how everyone was simultaneously  in giggles, but tapping their feet and fingers to the Conchords’ rhythms. When the artist Kimbra came out to sing Carol Brown (Choir of Ex- Girlfriends), the crowd went wild, and personally, as a music reviewer, I was impressed by the harmonies. Ultimately, the comedic band invited people to have a complete sensory experience, where both their mind and hearts were opened to full joy. Everyone seemed so at ease and willing to laugh at everything because, again, we are all huge fans of these guys. Though they hail from New Zealand and even brought their own “orchestra”, audience favorite Nigel, the Flight of the Conchords is an American Treasure. It was easy to see why they are successful, especially since they ended their concert with each comedian coming out to play their kindergarten versions of clarinets and dance like no one was watching. HILARIOUS!

I had a complete blast last night! It is such a relief to laugh, especially at jokes that feel pure and at no cost of someone else. Moreover, Forest Hills Stadium and Madison House Presents has some of the nicest people you will meet. They were all genuinely sweet and ready to guide and hold friendly chatter with people. The Flight of The Conchords is currently on tour, and you can find out more about them and where you can see them by clicking HERE. PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT!