Concert Review: Kadhja Bonet Tranforms Ludlow House Into A Parisian Cafe

As Kadhja Bonet sung at Ludlow house, she transported her audience to a Parisian café in the 60’s. The young songstress aims for the old-school folk-pop that defined female voices as gentle but piercingly observant of love’s transformative capacity, as seen in my review of her album, The Visitor. Yet, Bonet fascinates as a performer because of her still, statuesque movement compared to her fluidly moving lyrics.

Bonet on stage barely moves around, which only elaborated how touching her words and voice can be. The softly-toned singer was perfect for the Ludlow House lounge that is reminiscent of a 70’s decorated living room. The scenario combined with Bonet’s physique and vocals added to the immediate feeling audiences will get at seeing her concert: Kadhja Bonet is an old soul. She is 100% meant for the early 60’s when women were painted like dolls, but discovering their passions and sexual urges. Thus, Bonet does not sing to be sexy or about being sexy. Instead, she sings songs about discovering your femininity in a world where the interconnection of a woman’s body and soul is known but not realized.

It is Bonet’s elegant, effeminate presence that makes her such a charm as a performer. She is a premier choice for lovers or persons that want to see performer whose concert is delicate and pretty in its offered wisdom. She gives stunning, human depth with a voice that subtle in its poking and prods of viewers’ spirits. She is not a woman that riffs up a song or does intricate choreography. Instead, she stands front and center and occasionally sways her hands as her voice paint the Parisian scenario I described. I know that Paris is a specific location for a voice to take you to, but Bonet has a European sophistication and sense of romance that, when combined with her 60’s style, take you to a French café.

Just picture yourself outside drinking the best latte of your life, and looking at the clearest, sunniest blue sky.  As couples and singles walk past you, they also look around at the marvels of this world and their heart. It is this exact image that Bonet gives with her voice, which I describe as common regality, It has the highness of a queen, but the approachability of a everyday human being. Hence, as she stands on that stage, she literally encourages audiences to come close, but, as you do, you see there is an invisible wall of glamor that distances you from ever getting too near to her regency. Yet, again, Bonet is a warm singer, whose flowery voice perfumes the atmosphere with tranquility.

Kadhja Bonet would be an excellent choice for going to a concert that is filled smooth, lovely vibes and an opportunity to be quiet. Not one person moves or spoke as Bonet serenaded the crowd. They were entranced by the beauty of her voice, and how elaborately she described love’s magical nature. After all, love is what we most want and need, but Bonet sings to love with a maturity that reminds listeners it is not for the faint of heart. For more information on Kadhja click here.