Concert Review: IDGY DEAN Turns House Of Yes Into Burning Man

Idgy Dean feels like an artist that was made for Burning Man. She presents concerts exactly as that: a spiritual music festival where drums, guitars, and chants will sift through nature to give you a freer mind. As she whirls across the stage like a woman taken over by Mother Nature herself, you get the feeling that Idgy Dean sees music as a spiritual ritual. When people try to meditate, they have their particular ways to quiet their mind: yoga, chanting, knitting, etc. Idgy Dean was all of the above at House of Yes, except for the knitting part.

Idgy Dean uses all of her to express her mind. For her, a spirit is nothing without positive thoughts, which could explain her delves into equality-inspiring lyrics. She is all about empowerment of every mind that comes to see her, which makes sense. How many times have we brought out spirits down because of negative thoughts?  Hence, you will not  find words of negativity with her. Instead, she is about perseverance, and approaches her lyrics like they were a synchronized “Om” session, where each flows into the other without focus on annotation as much as prayerful meaning. She drawls out words like a chants trying to elevate the meanings of her soul to the sky, and in many ways they reach the Heaven of her fans. You do not feel like she is a preacher as much as priestess trying to reach your spirit with optimism and strength rather than force or lessons. You learn to be free in virtue, not by being told, but by acting as such, which explains the Burning Man ambiance she transformed in House of Yes.

Idgy Dean has been gaining quite a following because of her “Burning Man” aura. You feel like her concerts are a one-woman rave, where you can wear costumes, glow-in-the dark necklaces, and glitter on your eyes without anyone thinking you are trying to be flashy. The whole point of Idgy Dean, as an artist, is that you shine in your differences. Yet, what fascinates me most about her performance and music is that it is not based on “relationship love” or even “self-love”. It is based on freedom of self, which births love as a side-effect. While many artists aim to lyrically embody the heart of love, for better or worse, Idgy Dean is all about the freedom a spirit. However you wish to approach life, for her, liberation is as important as love. Hence, why her concert can feel like a celebratory dance.

People were moving and shaking not like they were at a club, but as if they has won at life. As Idgy Dean played her drums and riffed her guitar like a 70’s rock goddess, you felt like you were watching someone that is invincible, which in many ways is what you become when you become yourself. While she plays music with a spiritual/ tribal edge, she infuses rock n’ roll chords to assure that you, the audience, understand that she is a fearless, confident spirit. Which is why you should sing along/ chant with Idgy Dean at her future concerts. Click Here for more information on Idgy Dean.