Concert Review: Digisaurus Is a Music Technician At Pianos NYC

When you surround yourself by multiple keyboards, plugs, and a guitar it is easy to come off like a music technician, and that is Digisaurus’s brilliance. He appears on the stage like the man you would call if your boombox was failing, and you need a someone to bring back the music. He plays as if he knows what chords to plug and connect so that music will flow again into your sonic sphere.

Digisaurus played Pianos NYC, in a space that oddly complimented his vastness through its smallness. In this quaint room, there he appeared like a man working to provide music, not just for his audience, but the entire tri-state area. It was as if he was a secret, musical power plant that only we had discovered, and we watched him as he assured his music kept on running. With a prowess that seemed to big for the earth, Digisaurus gave a show that proves why I love local music scenes.

Although he is from Columbus, Ohio, the local, New York music scene is both national and international. Millions flock to NYC, in hopes that they will be headlining MSG in just a few, short months. Yet, to the pleasure of many New Yorkers, just before they get to that phenomenal, but pricey venue, they have to go through the local grind, in lounges like Pianos, Mercury Lounge, and Irving Plaza. I mention this stepping stone because Digisaurus is an artist that the deserves the biggest venues, which is why to catch him live is like finding a star in your backyard; it may deserve to be in the sky, but, for now, you relish that it is still in your grasp. He plays, sings, and even swindles to his music as if, again, he were a machine. The stamina he exudes over his music goes to show that choreography or massive visuals are not necessary, if the artist, himself, becomes the show.

My readers know multi-instrumentalism always impresses me, and seeing the focus in Digisuaurus as he had to assure his energy, his vocals, and his chords were on point with every emotional note was riveting. It brought a whole new meaning to his name, Digisaurus, as a man that devours digitized music like a carnivorous dinosaur hungry for its meat or “sentimentality”. While many can complain the synthetic beats do not provide real feeling,  Digisaurus and I are convinced that it does, just in a new platter. That night  no one could deny that Digisaurus feels his music. As he closes his eyes to sing into his microphone, it as if he is trusting, not that his voice will come out, but his heart. That level of trust in passion is what someone gives to a kiss, not, necessarily, a microphone. Yet, again, that is the brilliance of Digisaurus, and why his voice is distinct from sentiment rather than prowess. He is reflective that for however much technology courses through our world, emotions will never cease. Thus, for however, much electro goes into pop, the feelings it contains and gives will never perish. For More Information on Digisaurus Click Here.