Artist of 2017: HALFNOISE Will be A Cult Classic

Followings are everything in the entertainment,  and whether they are massive, “Beyonce” level ones or perseverant, “Bon Iver” ones, the point is that you are followed. People want to go with you where you lead them, and HALFNOISE leads his fans down a cool, syncopated space. If there is one thing that he is, it is succinct.
In a world that struggles to see whether complexity is a good or bad thing,HALFNOISE shows that simplicity is always better. When he makes his music, both his lyrics and sonic comes as effortless endeavors that were made in “one-shot” at a make-shift recording studio at his home. The “homey” feeling of his music is what makes relatable, and like a look into the quiet mind of a quiet life. Hence, his capacity to turn the ordinary into an extraordinary experience like, the sudden feeling that a love will not work out.

At times, we see extraordinary as a term of excellence, but it is also a term of heightening. It is not about how good something is, as much as how big it is, and in “Sudden Feeling” HALFNOISE makes huge the epiphany of realizing that maybe his lover’s mind is too in the clouds to be grounded in their relationship. This may seem like an odd complaint, but relationships are not easy, even if beautiful, which is why being with a partner who only dreams of better, but does not work to it, can be draining. Through synths that comes off like a vision and a voice that stunningly straight-toned, HalfNoise uses “Sudden Feeling” to guide listeners into his “Aha!” moment”, when he realizes that maybe love, alone, is not enough.

Epiphanies are built through experience, but “Sudden Feeling” shows they are felt immediately. I love this song and I love this artist. If this is the type of music he will deliver throughout his career then its no wonder his UK Tour is selling. For More Information On HALFNOISE Click Here.