Artist of 2017: Denmark Is Taking OVER Pop With Off Bloom

Ahh, yes… Copenhagen. The place I once called home. Yes, Diandra Reviews once lived in this mystical city for awhile, and what many do no realize is how banging Copenhagen’s night-life is or, at least, was for me. Thus, I am unsurprised that Off Bloom can convert the grit of rejection into careless seduction through their new song “Love To Hate It”. These Danes represent the vibrancy of Denmark’s music scene by showing off its penchant for dark pop. 

You might not think rejection is appealing because it is not. Yet, “Love To Hate It” is about the odd attraction that can develop when your love is denied. Some people truly are attracted to the chase, and “Love To Hate It” is about how seductive madness can be. Drama can certainly keep you busy, and in the video you see images of youth traveling and playing around with fun, messy, and slightly dark images. Lead vocalist Mette has a straight-toned voice that makes you witness her drained but determined spirit to win over the one that does not “want” her. You may judge, but, frankly, this is a common sentiment/endeavor. 
Love To Hate It
We all want to be wanted, and while some may walk away from rejection, others find it and invitation to try and try again. “Love To Hate It” has a smokey sound that taps into your sonic sphere with its kicking synths. It is a track that pervades you with its careless sound to shroud that it is all about caring. After all, when you cannot take rejection it means you care about acceptance. Yet, I do not see rejection being a problem for Off Bloom. Already hailed by The Fader, Google Play, BBC, and now me for their future as music tastemakers, Off Bloom will be more than accepted; they will be loved. For More Information On Off Bloom Click Here