Concert Review: Rafferty Gives Berlin NYC JukeBox Swag

As I write this concert review, I smile because I have concluded that Rafferty pretty much belongs in a 1950s jukebox.  He carries that old school swag where people believed the Fonz was a symbol of cool and a biker leather jacket was iconically rebellious. In just a T-shirt ,worn jeans, boots, and Slickback hair, Rafferty reminded audiences of a time when being cool didn’t involve a lot of flash in style but in essence.

First, if you have not heard Rafferty’s newest hit “Apple Pie” please click below. This song is contagious in how its beats infect your soul and flow through your bloodstream. Rafferty’s songs feel are like an injection with his voice being the piercing needle that makes sure contact is made between his music and your veins.  His voice gurgles with a soulful richness that makes him have a superior advantage to other artists because he inherently sounds raw and wise. Add on the heavy, tribal-like drumming of his tracks and the nerve-pulsing guitar riffs, and you have a man made to rock out arenas. Berlin NYC elaborated by showing how Rafferty’s singular energy could make a middle-sized room feel like a giant stadium.

With images flashing behind him, Rafferty stands front and center moving around with slight gyrations as if his own tracks were coursing out of him. He feels his music with a pleasure that makes the night fun and makes him enjoyable to watch. This may seem simple in analysis, but Rafferty does not treat music like it was a distant lover or his concert like a duty. He wants to be before the audience, and he makes you feel his desire to give you a good show.  Hence, he comes off as mentioned above, a cool, simple rebel looking through the jukebox and trying to figure out which of his songs most speaks to his soul at the moment.

What I liked about Rafferty’s music and performance is that it was whole-heartedly entertaining. He is all about making music and a feel good memory for audiences. Again, this may not sound like much, but, while many entertainers/ artists try to ingrain analysis and emotional weight to their music, Rafferty’s voice makes that given. Lyrically, you can take his songs for whatever lessons and words they are, but Rafferty shines as a performer that loves music for the happiness and escapism it offers. Thus, expect, in his concerts, a bit of a time-warp.

I recently reviewed Nick Waterhouse as an artist that like Rafferty has a time traveling affect on the crowd.  They make music that, in sounding like it belongs to the past, makes it appear fresher to the present. Rafferty offers a unique concert experience for those that want to change up the common roster of artists they go out to see. While the most sold out concerts could be hip hop or folk indie, Rafferty offers the rock’n roll  glory of legends like Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, and Elvis Presley. These are major names, but they interconnect with Rafferty because they are artists we all look to as reminders that cool is something that comes from within.

The energy Rafferty gives in concert will definitely making him a star. He is simply excellent, and if he continues to give the amount heart and charm that he does, each concert will be a multiplication of fans. For More Information on Rafferty Click Here.