Concert Review: Dinowalrus Is A Sonic Kaleidoscope At Berlin NYC (With Free Download)

After hearing songs from their upcoming album, FAIRWEATHER, I was excited to see Dinowalrus. I love psychedelic rock. I like feeling as if sounds could be colors. I know that sounds weird, but psychedelic rock is visual music. You can see the rhythms come to life before you in neon shapes and supernatural patterns. Hence, Dinowalrus’ music feels like a peek into a golden, magical kaleidoscope.

Dinowalrus ignites a sense of mysticism with their modern psychedelia. The intimate setting of Berlin NYC matched with their music made everyone feel like a bunch of Millennial Harry Potters journeying into a magical world where Dinowalrus’ music is the wand. My description may sound “trippy”, but that is what this band is…. trippy. They enter your mind like a hit of psychotropics, and ignite a sentiment of falling into another, more exciting world. In this world, you can see, feel, hear, and do things with a freedom that is not forced or earned: it just is. Their guitar riffs and keyboard strikes are meant to abstract the mind and start a visual journey into music. Hence, why they are the definition of psychedelic rock, and why I compare their music to a sonic kaleidoscope or Harry Potter. In their concert, you are not “regular you” but the whimsical version.

What I find fascinating about Dinowalrus is how cool and nonchalant they are as a band. Pete, Max, Meaghan, and Dan are so simple and witty in demeanor that they come off like your way cooler, next door neighbors. Obviously, you are living in a Brooklyn apartment if they are your neighbors. The Brooklyn band definitely invokes the art culture burgeoning in places like, Williamsburg. Yet, they are not artists trying to discover themselves. Now in their fourth album, this band has artfully crafted musical experimentation. They know how to sound new and strange while being massively appealing. Hence, I see them growing in popularity and power as a band that can sonically grab audiences and make them feel ALIVE!

Dinowalrus is readying for their fourth album’s release, FAIRWEATHER, which from what I heard, stands to be their best one. The Brooklyn- based band has been compared to some of my favorite musicians Tame Impala and Deerhunter. Both these bands are known for bringing 70’s psychedelia into a post-modernism that makes it reflective of Millennial youth and problems. I’m happy to inform that Dinowalrus can form a mighty triumvirate with these bands to become the main sources for psychedelic rock. For more information on this band Click Here. Their new album FAIR-WEATHER comes out on September 23, and they play Rough Trade NYC on September 25. YOU MUST GO!