Concert Review: Chrystal Bell Is A Mystical Songstress In Concert

There I was at Berlin NYC, the dimly lit space with red overshadows is mysterious looking to say the least. Located in an underground with always a large crowd Berlin NYC seemed like a beautifully clashing set with Chrysa Bell’s vibrations. Ms. Bell’s music makes her appear like a delicate creature; distant and gentle. She has a fantastical elegance to her voice and styles, which makes her seem like an Elven Queen from a utopian world.  Thus. Berlin NYC oddly elevated the other worldliness of her music.
As I elaborated, Berlin NYC is a rather small space but I do not say that to d degrade this venue. Instead, I mention it to show the magic of Bell’s voice in transporting you into another world. Bell’s vocals are inherently majestic, which when combined with the descriptive world of her newest EP Somewhere In The Nowhere, will immediately capture your attention. Throughout her act, Bell sings with a smoked elegance, as if her voice is rare meat cooked just right and served to fill its listeners. She never utters a word or sings a lyric with out weighing with a hint of mysticism, which is why certain of her tracks like, “Somewhere in The Nowhere”, can feel like a sung spell. She overcasts listeners with the intricacy of her voice, which makes you admire how planned her incanted connection is with the audience. Ms. Bell knows her power, which makes her unstoppable.
Not many people, let alone artists, understand their power. Moreover, few transfer it to a prowess that is not based in force but sophistication. Although Ms. Bell is friendly and open with her audiences, she is so regal in the movement of her body and the riffing of her voice that she appears untouchable to them. It is as if you want to be still and watch so as not to interrupt the amazing mastery of her performance. As she fluidly sways and swivels before viewers, you want to through flowers at her feet because of her royal highness. Yet, I repeat, she is a friendly songstress, but the eloquence of her music transforms her being to be spiritual in nature. As if she is an enlightened phantasm you would find in a fairytale forest.

I pretty much have compared Ms. Bell to every magical scenario, but I cannot help it. Berlin NYC elaborated that she is an artist that vocally, does not only belong in massive arenas, but also another dimension. She is literally a singer of imagination, with each of her songs expressing the wonder she holds in her heart and mind. Her concert is enough to make you want to learn music, and see if this art form can represent your own inner wonder. For More Information on Chrysta Bell and To Buy Her EP Somewhere In The Nowhere Click Here.