Concert Review: Kongos Bring Tribal Rock To Playstation Theater

From the incessant drumming to quickened keys, the hardy voices calling for inhibitions to be liberated, and the guitar riffs that pierce your brain’s nerves, Kongos have every ingredient to be momentous in concert. They are the essence of tribal rock by blending South African vibes/rhythms, which is their native country, with a 1970’s Led Zepplin flare. If that does not sound like a rock n’ roll dream to salivate over then I have no hope for you. Kongos embodies the boost of adrenaline we all need and deserve towards our life. 

I saw Kongos on Saturday at Playstation Theater, and, as Millennials say, “They were EVERYTHING!”.  They immediately captured that “old-school, no care” rocker frequency and matched with their detailed song compositions. With riffs, both instrumentally and vocally, that sound like calls to battle, fans were enthralled by the amount of energy these four men exuded. It was that type of liveliness that transitioned their concert from something to be seen to something that is experienced. The planned magnitude of lighting, staging, and overall intricacy of their set can overtake any viewer in majesty. 
Firstly, Johnny Kongos, Jesse Kongos, Dylan Kongos, and Daniel Kongos are all placed in the front of the stage side by side. This group of brothers stand before the audience like a quartet army readying to battle anyone that does not become conquered by their powerful, musical essence. Usually, in concerts, you have the lead singer in the front and “the others guys” sporadically spread. Yet, these brothers share “lead singer” duties, and stand side by side with their instruments forward. They play their instruments with a passion that made it seem as if they held within them the brothers’ life force. Hence, one thing that will fascinate future concert-goers, is to see how each brother bonds with music in his own particular way, and use his instrument to reveal and release that bond through performance. That kind of energy emboldens the tribalism of their sound.
When people think of tribal, they think of a community filled with rich culture and passionate loyalty. In many ways, the Kongos brothers have formulated their own musical tribe. Interwoven into their modernized/synthesized classic rock are South African beats that mix brilliantly with the fiery mindfulness of this genre. Rock is all about inner freedom, to which each Kongos ignites with voices that are like hearty stews; each one may carry their own ingredients, but, ultimately, they all leave you filled and feeling warm inside. Add on that the lighting of the show is set to match and strobe according to their vocal notes, and it is as if their voices are literally alive. The vivid flashing of colored lights and images, like four lions roaring, and the rush of fog that comes behind them like a smoke goddess, will leave audiences gaping in awe. Not only do the Kongos give you an adrenaline rush, they also leave you in wonder. 
Johnny Kongos, Jesse Kongos, Dylan Kongos, Daniel Kongos
I highly recommend the Kongos in concert. If you liked their last album Egomaniac, you will love it live. They have designed a show that elevates their sound, talent, and overall brotherhood through a rapid, neon staged concert. These brothers are united in music, which with leave you united with them. For more on the Kongos and their Egomaniac Tour Click Here.