Concert Review: Lotus Transforms Playstation Theater With Funkadelia

While most people, rightfully, marvel at a band and their music at a concert, Lotus is band that you leave inspired by their music effects on the crowd. While it is known my love for funkadelia, Lotus showed me in their concert at Playstation Theater that music is fascinating because of its mood-altering capacities. While you can look to sound for beauty, you can look to its effects for empowerment Thus, Lotus’s live show at Playstation Theater was a symbol of music’s uniting force.

I cannot say that I have had too many moments at seeing a crowd so invested in a band and the instant they were sonically creating. From the minute the Playstation Theater lounge doors opened, it was as if you were walking into a different world. Obviously, being a band of funkadelia, the crowd was wearing their “groovy” outfits. Long hair, flowery accessories, and fringed clothing seemed to be a must for entrance as much as a ticket. For an outsider, like myself, looking in, it was like seeing a glowing gem. Lotus was on stage performing as if an invisible screen stood before them and the crowd. They were so perfect in sound and image, they almost seemed digitized. Being a live band has been their story for years, and the crowd approached them and their music like you would a children’s book: with eagerness and awe.

What I loved most about Lotus in concert is that it made me feel like I was a different person from entrance to exit. There is a transformational aspect that is not only tethered to their 70’s era resonance. It is also about a complete willingness/ understanding that you are here to dance and have a good time. While all concerts should and seemingly do imply a “good time”, not every instant or person completely submits to the music before them. As you laugh and listen, you might still be thinking of a work issue or friendship fight. Yet,  Lotus in concert felt like an elevated agreement that those things are out the door.  While another concert makes you say “I feel good”, Lotus’s concert makes you say “I am good!”. Hence, people’s outfits, cheers, and elaborate choreography were symbols of their inner creativity feeling relieved to be released. Such submission to the atmosphere of music and movement feels like something you would find at a music festival, which in some ways explains why Lotus in concert feels like a traveling Woodstock.

Absolutely every person was dancing and laughing with a carefree investment into feeling Lotuss’ music, and the lighting was an added bonus. As strobes danced behind the band and across the audience, the light design of the show gave a visual high. It was as if the flashing, color-chainring lights indued a higher state/ sense of bliss amongst the crowd. This allowed listeners to hear more of Lotus’s guitar riffs, keyed chords, and pulsating drumming. Moreover, it furthered the euphoria of the few hours they had at Playstation Theater, and explains why going to their concert is not as much about feeling different ast being different. Hence, I would highly recommend Lotus as a live band to see because there is an element of character building/ role-playing that rides under their rhythms. While the band itself, can feel like they are distant figures artfully playing within an untouchable bubble of musicianships, their music feels like it can be caressed in your palm. In doing so, you become whoever you want to be for a few hours: from name, outfit, and even persona. Still, remember the agreement: do not change the fullness of your joy. For More Information On Lotus Click Here.