Concert Review: Psychic Twin Is Instagram Ready At Music Hall of Williamsburg

On November 25, Psychic Twin opened for STRFKR, and she was ready to bring the future of pop to Brooklyn. Playing at the illustrious Music Hall Of Williamsburg, Psychic Twin gave a rousing performance that surprised me in how detailed it was, in terms of set. From lighting to dancers. Psychic Twin did an elaborate display for her 80’s inspired, intimately written record, Strange Diary. Previously, I had reviewed the record, and should not have been shocked by the full-on, vastly descriptive set she served because her album deserved no less. 

Psychic Twin was made for pop futurism, She appears on stage like an alien princess whom has time-traveled to give audiences a taste of what 2072 is like in music and emotions. The irony is that for however we have advanced in sound, dance, and appearance; the core of music has not changed from sentimentality. Wearing a grand, plastic corset, similar to the picture above, Psychic Twin kept a certain regality to her presence. As she maneuvered over her syntehtiszer like it was her time-traveling spaceship, she would do poses arching her arms and back in representation of particular notes and lyrics that struck her. Such a physical take on her music was doubly felt by those, like myself, whom knew that her album Strange Diary was written as a cathartic symphony about her divorce. Thus, as she poses to the repeated words “Don’t Break My Heart”, you see the mutual elegance and frozenness of a woman, whom has been heartbroken but inspired by her hurt to create something better for herself. Yet, Psychic Twin was not the only one on stage using her body to pose in feeling because a barrage of dancers dressed in white came in and out of the stage to be like physical manifestations her musical spirit.

Having dancers for her set, definitely, upped the depth and intricacy of Psychi Twin’s music. First, their choreography was dysmorphic.Each of the four female dancers twisted and tangled their bodies in the same ways that Twin has felt love had done her soul. Seeing these young women mold their body into different shapes for both rhythmic and verbal potency of Psychic Twin’s songs emphasized a message that is clear in Strange Diary: loving another person can tear you down, but loving yourself will always rise you up. Self-love versus relationship love are both intertwined and distinct to Psychic Twin because loving yourself solely opens you to bettering yourself, while relationships do not always empower you. The argument is central to Strange Diary, and to her concert because her performance brims with self-love.

What was most impactful of Psychic Twin’s concert was her childlike giddiness at being on stage. When you know that her story is one of somebody whom took her most painful experience and made it a transformation/ elevation of her spirit in music, you see her joy as well-deserved and hopeful. There were occasions when she was so happy to see the crowd that she would jump up and down between songs like a child receiving their desired Christmas gift. Throughout tracks she would wave and point to particular audience members to assure that their love for her was equally reciprocated. Yet, it was the final moment of the night that showed Psychic Twin’s humble and stunning connection her her current, artistic lifestyle. As she was readying to exit the stage, she asked for the houselights to be turned on so that she could take a video/ picture of the crowd cheering for Instagram. When I tell you that her face lit up to be shinier than that of the stage lights, I do not kid. She was genuinely elated to be performing for a crowd that was receiving every intention/ motivation of her performance. 
Not every artist that “makes it” in the music business, do we, as onlookers/ fans, feel deserves or appreciates it. Thus, their is something magical and encouraging when you see a talent get their victorious due. Psychic Twin is extremely talented and thoughtful in both record and concert. Therefore, the crowd was as happy for her as she was for them to share in her moment .For More Information On Psychic Twin Click Here.