Song Review: Stefflon Don Is The “Real Ting”

Lil’ Kim. Nicki Minaj. Stefflon Don. In music, there is always a rising tide of talent that pay homage to post by refreshing it with their own, personal zest. Thus, Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj have new company in the “barbie rapper” section of their Queen/Hip Hop doll houses. And the red carpet and fine champagne must be rolled out because Stefflon Don would not have any less, especially after releasing her new track “Real Ting”. 

Real Ting
In “Real Ting”, Stefflon Don is giving all the 90’s throwback vibes. She is scantily clad with fur, rocking a neon blue wig, and gliding around in a beautiful, modern mansion. What 90’s vid did not have a gorgeous, curvaceous woman poppin Cristal amongst luxury? Yet, it is her lyrical assertion that she is not one to be crossed by both women and men that will make “Real Ting” a club banger and one to blast on your car ride. It is in those moments when your body and spirit are most physically “on the go”, and feel like they are moving to somewhere else. Hence, this song is befitting for such occasions because when you feel like you are getting somewhere, whether in daily life or nightlife, music that is strong and “in your face” just feels good. Thus, Stefllon Don, as an artist and in her song “Real Ting”, feeds the inner invisibility we all wish we had at making everyone else know that our heart, minds, and money are not to be played! 
There is a firmness to Stefflon Don’s presence and verbal prowess that makes you want to buy a fur coat and golden chain, and act like no one in this world has ever fazed you. As a siren plays across the bassline of “Real Ting”, you feel mutually alarmed and excited: Hip Hop has been warned and Stefllon Don is coming. Who does not wish they could enter a room and absorb it with that kind of ferocity? Hence, Stefflon Don’s future is bright! She is a  “diamond in the rough”; shining but cutting, all at once. For more Information On Stefflon Don Click Here.