Song Review: Flint Eastwood’s “Queen” Will Make You Feel Royal

I would like to start this review with a thanks to God. I love Flint Eastwood’s newest track “Queen” because it is big, bold, and unfettered in its beauty. I will always praise a song and artist for trying to be huge in sound and production, to which “Queen” is an empowering anthem for women to own their femininity as regality. 

Ahead of the Women’s March, Flint Eastwood released “Queen” to be a sort of soundtrack for that day/ any moment when a woman needs to be reminded that her gender is not a setback or standard from which others can maliciously define her. Being a woman should be a crown to honor, and Flint Eastwood completely recognizes that in “Queen” with a vocals and rhythms that sound like she is walking the red carpet to her coronation. From its beginning, loud trumpets announce the presence of this song, which is phenomenal. This is a track that completely changes people’s moods and atmospheres to transform it into royal highness. Not many songs can say they bring positive change as instantly as Flint Eastwood’s “Queen”, but its victorian sonics are used to bring an “old-world” bigness to a progressive, futuristic hope. 

“Queen” is a song dedicated to the strength a woman/ human being needs to be confident. Some people confuse arrogance as confidence, but true faith in yourself is learning how to place your uncertainty to the side and stand in the front of the world with courage. I do not believe anyone truly loses their insecurities, but what makes them confident is the choice to not let their perceived flaws hold them back from their real strengths. For Flint Eastwood, she has always been a boss, and has never let anyone in the music industry define her art according to her gender identity. Yet, that does not mean that she has not faced people who have tried, of which “Queen” is a song written in response to her disappointments. Still, this response is stunning and powerful because when you face the darkness of others flaws and labels towards you, the best thing you could do is show them you are higher than their lowliness; you are a “Queen”. For More Information On Flint Eastwood Click Here.