Song Review: CocoRosie Will “Smoke Em’ Out” If Anyone Is Against Women

I have to say that these past few weeks have been oddly empowering. With the oncoming Trump Administration many have gone out of their way to proudly proclaim their support for Womanhood. It is odd to see light that you have never seen before come out at the same time as darkness that you have never witnessed before, as well. Yet, nothing like the light and goodness of humanity to smoke out darkness, and say that it has a greater opponent than what it presumed. In “Smoke Em’ Out” another feminist anthem dedicated to the oncoming Women’s March, CocoRosie tell anyone against women as a community, a voice, and as human beings that it has picked the wrong opponent to mess with. 

“Smoke Em” Out” differs from the more victorian synths of Flint Eastwood’s “Queen”, which was released for the Women’s March, as well, by bringing forth a rage and rocking persona in response to what many deem, Trump and Pence’s bleak plans for America’s future and human rights/ equality.  Joined on guest vocals by fellow Future Feminist ANOHNI, ““Smoke ‘em Out” welcomes the new character who will be occupying the White House with a mob of women and children armed with forks and knives. In the wake of this un-natural disaster, we feel a call to rise”. The imagery is meant to show that no one will take a woman’s seat from the table and stop them from getting the sustenance they and their children deserve from life. On January 21,  CocoRosie along with droves of women will show that if no one finds you worth protecting, it does not mean you stop protecting yourself. The voting in of a known sexual assaulter wounded many women as a statement that their pain was not a good enough reason for justice. Yet, again, you do not give up on the goodness of you because you have not received such goodness from others. The techno-rock rhythms and the cool rap-esque vocals of Bianca and Sierra Casady will teach you that lesson.

Bianca and Sierra fully acknowledge that it is a scary time for many, but fear will never conquer itself. Thus, when someone tries to scare you, the only way you can respond to them is with faith in yourself. Take courage, and read their beautiful poem Bianca (left above) of which they tried a “channeling which digs deeper into the subtext of {their} lyrics {that} explore the unending end of time, the idea that “the future is female”,  and {women as} a very necessary force to be reckoned with.  Remember you are only so scared of hate because you are not looking enough to love. Only love will give you  the strength to combat and see that hate comes from those that have defeated themselves, which means they are already conquered. On January 21, join the Women’s March to show just that. 
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