Song Review: Machine Heart Is “Stonecold” Goodness

Machine Heart are a moody- synth pop band, and have offered the world a delicious tart of a track in Stonecold. The bass and drums makes sure the mood never elevates too high as this song finds its light in shady rhythms. These L.A. rockers might be one of the bands that can give pop a darker edge. 

The song is electrically smooth in not bombarding you with too much virtual noise, but still managing to capture the shambles of a broken relationship. To be “stonecold” is not to be “unfeeling”, but to try to find how not to be broken any further or go numb from love’s painful dagger. Thus, the lyrics are for anyone whom has suffered the betraying delusion of a once promising love. During their interview with Interview Magazine, lead singer Stevie Scott described the inspiration behind the song:
“It was written during a moment of clarity, the kind when you are able to see life from a third-person view and see the situation for what it really is, rather than through your own rose colored eyes.I’m a perennial optimist, so it really takes a lot to get me to that kind of place.”  

Scott has a beautifully subtle voice that uses its straight tone to flesh out the pain and perseverance that comes from heartbreak. Her voice is naturally coy and sweet, which make the track even more endearing when blended with electro vibes beating through it like an open wound. Stone cold may be about a broken heart, but it is clear in mind and space. For More Information on Machine Heart Click here.