Concert Review: Lily Mae Gives Hope And Youth At Mercury Lounge

Every once in awhile you go to a show, and you see an artist that brims with hope and youthfulness. For however fantastic the lighting of the stage may be, it is the light of their soul that makes them shine as a performer. They exude the natural rush of a new, burgeoning star. Lily Mae was a star at Mercury Lounge last night . 

As she warmly smiles and does coy quips before songs. you feel like you are watching your way more talented sister perform before you. She gives a familial vibe, which is kind and kindred in making you want to listen. Yet, this familial vibe has nothing to do with PG lyrics. On the contrary, her words garner the wisdom of someone beyond lifetimes. It is as if she writes music from a space and time lightyears away; where people know to be better. Songs like, Darling Boy and Diamonds are beautifully poignant tracks that capture the sadness of someone whom has let or is fighting to regain the brightness of their self. 
I could divide my love for Lily Mae as an artist into two parts: lyrics and voice. First, her words are clear and captivating as she writes songs that discuss the struggles we face with both ourselves and others to not lose our light. Whether it be someone that wants you to smile and “be a diamond” or the vibrancy that you have lost and covered in a suit and tie, she creates music that talks about the tragedy of basic, human struggle: to love one’s self through highs and lows. Match this powerful theme with a voice that confounds in how it manages to be light like an angel’s whisper but heavy like an emotional brick. For however breathily high she sings her notes, her poesy falls by the tons on your soul. Yet, it is a heaviness that is not overbearing. It is a heaviness that you have always felt when you wonder why that relationship did not go right, what happened to your dream to be “something”, or you try to recall that last time you felt completely “free” and fearless. Hence. Lily Mae gives a “familial” vibe in the sense that she is your songstress sister for both the pains and joys in life. 
Like a sister, Lily Mae knows all your vulnerabilities, but like an artist she stunningly places them to music. Her openness with both her whims and woes will make you fall in love with her heart. And what is one’s music if not one’s heart? Moreover, she is a humble, young soul, which is exactly what this world and music needs. Click here for more information on Lily Mae.