Concert Review: Seratones Make Jimi Hendrix Proud At Mercury Lounge

The Seratones were Rock Heaven at Mercury Lounge, in part, because they gave their hour length show the abundant zest one feels at a music festival. Maybe, it was the fact that they look and sound like they came out of Woordstock, but there were definitely psychedelic, free love vibes coursing throughout their set. Mostly because AJ Haynes reminds viewers of great female singers the 60’s/70’s produced.

Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, and Nina Simone dominated this era fro bringing a performance style that showed women were also equal and vast forces to be reckoned. Not only did these ladies have particular voices, in sound and style, but they had the confidence to make their vocals flare like fireflies in a jar. They would scale their entire vocal range in one song just to make sure audiences felt their music as much as they did spiritually. Seratones lead singer AJ Haynes does exactly that. She will go from a high note that soars like a butterfly to a low one that seems buried in a cocoon. She is one of the few artists that, luckily, does not need to do too much effort to ignite emotion in a song and her audience. She has been blessed with a voice that can do all and she knows it, which is why to see her riffs and annotations is like watching your favorite professor; she has enough talent/vocal wisdom to teach you a lesson!

I know that I am gushing over AJ Haynes, but she is phenomenal as an artist and performer. Moreover, she has such precision and grace in her vocals that, as a master voice lesson, she is worth the watch. From the minute Haynes sings, you feel transported to the grassy plains that housed Woodstock. You can envision your body draped in flowers and colorful peace tattoos as you dance facing the sun like it were your partner. This vivid image never leaves throughout the Seratones show, nor do I think they want that mindful picture to ever leave. Haynes performance style is like a cross between Jimi Hendrix and Grace Slick from Jefferson airplane. She shares Slick’s “tour-de-force” vocals that would create a unique “beckon and call” dynamic between her and the audience. While, Haynes shares Hendrix “carefree style” where she would becomes enraptured by her own song and willing to leave everything on that stage her fans did, as well.

There were several instances where it seemed Haynes electric guitar was actually supplying her spirit with electricity. She had a bond with her instrument that resonated with Hendrix so much, I thought she was going to pull out lighter fluid and light it up just like the late icon. As Haynes plucks her guitar stings, she shakes her head as if her chords were being played by her mind. Thus, such a visionary talent, like AJ Haynes, should be compared to late legends, especially if she has the destiny to become one their self. For More Information on Seratones Click Here.