Concert Review: Daniella Mason Is A Techno Queen At Mercury Lounge

I have reviewed Daniella Mason’s Technicolour EP before on the site, and marveled on its intergalactic, disco theme. Mason has a powerful range that magnetizes the fun, other-worlds she musters in her tracks. Through a high range and bouncing, bubblegum beats, Mason made Mercury Lounge NYC feel like it was actually on the planet, Mercury. 

The first thing I love about Daniella Mason in concert is that she is such a good, interplanetary time. From her golden threaded dress to her “spacey” keys, Mason brilliantly shows that love, which is her central, music theme, can make you feel out of this earth.  Her music and mystique represent the unifying, simplicity of pop. Yes, her beats are elaborate and synthetic, but their catchy hooks and easy listen lyrics magnify what we love most about pop music: its memorability. By the end of each song, people knew the lyrics and chorus by heart. On just one listen of her songs like “Technicolour”, everyone was readying to sing- along and even harmonize with Mason. She had a cool, approachable vibe that made you feel like if you decided to sing with her on stage, she would love it. For her, the audience was not a batch of fans, but but a batch of friends that understood and related to the heart she placed in her music. By the end of her song “Planet”, almost every couple was unabashedly singing to their lover “you are my planet”. This may sound humorous, but it was encompassing to the joyful, idealistic romance that Mason draws upon to make both her music and concert a discotheque celebration of love.

In songs like “Distant Lover” and “Cool Summer”, I thought I was in an EDM rave in Jupiter. The lighting strobed across the intimate Mercury Lounge to make audiences feel as if they were on a spaceship teleporting to the pink, lush planet. The dynamic “Star Trek” vibes matched the cosmic sounds of her music with the humanity of her lyrics. In revealing new, unreleased tracks like, ” Tell Me It’s Over”, Mason showed her  wonderful capacity to create rhythms that are sugary and pleasing, while also making surprisingly, heartfelt lyrics. As per usual, a live concert experience is a chance to really see what an artist is made of, and is an opportunity for them to elaborate both their artistic message and talent. It was immediately felt and seen that Mason is about having a “good time”. She told joking tales about her summer without an air-conditioner, and had friendly chats with the audience that made everyone feel as if were there to hang out and, by luck,  Daniella was in the mood to sing. Thus, the casual dynamism of her concert elevated the tumults and treats, of which Mason uses to write about love. 

I would definitely see Mason in concert again, and I am sure that, in the near future, it will be in a big arena. Both her music and humble personality place her on a destined path for bigger venues that can hold her universal lyrics and style. She seems like a star because she is so open and welcoming in how she shines. Therefore, you end up listening and relishing her songs even more. Mason’s music clearly describes that love, for however distant and amongst the stars it may feel,  it is only starry because comes from the closeness of your heart. Click Here for more information on Daniella Mason.