Concert Review: Survival Guide Was A Boss At Bowery Electric

Excuse me, as I get rather sentimental in my concert review of Survival Guide. This starry songstress gave a performance at Bowery Electric that brimmed with present and future excitement for her career. She was all smiles as she performed as a one woman orchestra.

First, let me remark for my fellow music producers, that using your computer to make beats is very difficult.  The digital world offers a lot of sounds and the widening selection can actually bring more confusion for what you want your music to be.  Thus, with her Mac and keyboards at hand, Survival Guide appeared exactly like her title, as if she was strategizing and creating makeshift tools to further the music that would continue giving her life. Yet, she did not break a sweat. With her keyboards and synthesizers laid out before her, along with a telephone to synthesize her vocals, the tiny stage of The Map Room at Bowery Electric became like her office space. Hence, her crowd felt like they were watching a boss at work, which is exactly what Survival Guide is…. A BOSS!

I tussle between what impressed me more about Survival Guide: her sweetness or the intelligent design of her music. In terms of personal character, she is warm, kind, and makes everyone feel like they are watching their best friend’s first NYC gig. As a reviewer, I know that a lovely heart can go a long way with a crowd, and it moved her audience enough to banter with her. Moreover, it gave her a chance to show her quality appreciation for her fans, one of which she remarked as one she consistently remember from her concerts. That kind of sparkling memory may be why she can handle so many concert duties at once.

I was extremely impressed by survival guide’s talent and dedication.  Her concert is like a behind the scenes look at the amount of work that goes into making a good song. Her simultaneous capacity to press keys, look at the audience, and riff notes all across the vocal range left me inspired. Moreover, she made everything look easy and graceful. There she was in a small room and on a small stage surrounded by a crowd that could not miss any mistake. Yet, she superseded any potential of a mishap to create an experience that exalted her spirit and mind. I praise the smart intricacy and determination she used to make sure every track she made fell unto her viewer’s hearts like a golden-thread blanket: shining with warmth.

I cannot elaborate enough how difficult and proof of your wit it is to be involved in making a song from “head to toe”. It is as if you are creating a separate being that has its own voice and heart, despite being founded in yours. Therefore, I went from a reviewer to a respectful fan after seeing her stunningly sing, play the multiple machined instruments/chords, and perform with a sheer goal to make her audience happy.  I applaud her for being so bright a personality and talent. For More Information on Survival Guide Click Here.