Song Review: Jesse Hale Moore Empowers Communication In “Calling You Out”

“Calling You Out” is a thematically intriguing song. Often, when we see a loved one not being or doing their best, we want to call them out, but might become fearful of their reaction. We may fear what they will say or question our own worthiness to call them out, but Jesse Hale Moore challenges the point of keeping quiet to your loved one, when you are saying what you want to say, on repeat, to yourself.

The 405 has shared Jesse Hale Moore’s newest single entitled, “Calling You Out”. When discussing the track with the online magazine Moore said, “Calling You Out” is a song about finding the strength to say the things that don’t always come easy when facing a conflict with somebody you care about. It can be difficult and frustrating when a person in your life, especially somebody you love, is unable or unwilling to change. Sometimes calling that person out can be empowering and ultimately liberating.” I have to agree honesty is the best policy. You have to be able to turn to your partner for the good and the bad, but always be thoughtful in your communication and whether you are measuring things correctly. It is easy to see the wrong, but hard to see what it right, which is why Moore sings to the rougher moments in a relationship; where the petty annoyances become real challenges that deserve conversations rather than bickering.

  Jesse Hale-Moore writes for the maturity needed to handle real love, which is why his music will make you feel like an adult. With piano melodies that play like elegant fruits glistening under the sun but dripping with juice to the ground, you fall in love with the wisdom of his sound. Moreover, his voice also stands firm and laced with sage vocals that help you connect with his confrontation. You understand why he wants to show his lover that she is not acting with self-love. For More Information On Jesse Hale Moore Click Here.