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Artist Close-Up: Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm Write Music For Those “Sick With Love”

I am always commenting on how music seems to be made for discovering love. From heartbreak to the unity of two hearts, music aims to show every bit of how this virtue changes a human being. It can make you feel like an invincible superhero or a lost and lonely outcast. For Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm, they write for the latter half, at least, in their new single “Sick With Love” 
As Lauren remarks,”When I wrote Sick With Love, I was living in New York and I was heartbroken. I was so crushed it was like I was in mourning. I felt out of time and out of place in this city where everyone had a place to be and something to do. So I conceived the video from that feeling, of being out of time, out of place, out of step… while the rest of the world seems so busy and purposeful.” My response to her is “You are not alone!”. New York is not called the “Concrete Jungle” for fun. With a huge population of youth flocking to the city for their dreams but being held back by harsher realities, heartache is common. Yet, the grandeur of “Sick With Love” is that it is not just about heartache from a breakup, but the pain of feeling like your life is broken, as well.

Sometimes, I am not sure what is more crushed by a relationship’s end: your spirit or your ego. When it is my ego that is hurt by a lover’s loss, I realize that their leaving only wounds me because I feel like leaving me, too. Often in life, when things do not go our way, we wish we could drop ourselves off on a corner and run away from our own self. Yet, Lauren’s voice is piercing and gentle, all at once, in reflecting that negative dynamic we can have with ourselves when we feel unsatisfying to our being; not just to our partners. Hoffman knows how to add a subtle crack in her voice so that pain may creep upwards like lava quietly erupting.  Her voice meshes compassion for others’ hurt with reflection of her own, which makes listeners empathetic and harmonious to her sufferings. It is not easy to already feel lost and go through a loss, at the same time.  For More Information On Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm Click Here.